i don’t know if any of you guys encountered this but i’m just putting it out there just for everyone who hasn’t seen it or hasn’t heard about it yet…

1 )appearently there are people who managed to mod their character in halo 4 so it has no head.
this is crazy and has to stop.
2) Lagswitch, jezus h. christ i hate it when i get into a good game and all of a sudden people use this to their advantage, teleporting from one place to the complete other side of the map

report any of these players immediatly and stop it before more people start doing it, halo4 had a good competitive multiplayer and these people should be banned from the game entirely…

anybody had similar experiences?

For #2

You might just be lagging really bad with dial-up for internet.

I usually blame cloud cover getting in the way of satellites… am I wrong?

got a pretty solid connection, never any problems with my connection/nat type/connecting in other games…lagswitch isn’t that popular only among the true forms of n00b…it sucks when you need that to win, just pointing out that if you notice any plaers using it, report without any form of doubt