Cheaters are running riot

seriously 343 get onto of these cheaters in this game, either they are locking onto my head before I round the corner, bullets mysteriously making 90 degree turns around a wall or just going through 7 feet of “wall”

getting one shot melee with full or 3/4 shields.
and I dont know if anyone else has noticed but for a game that has you connect to a dedicated server it can get quite laggy, to the point of when I have no enemies next to me my latency is around 5ms to right next to the enemy and it shoots through the roof to 100ms

seriously 343 I love this franchise but you should have anticipated that pc players would cheat and implemented anti cheat.
and this is ruining my enjoyment of this game.
having fair games.

if memory serves correct halo MCC has anti cheat on pc release.

I don’t think they’re handling this over here on the forums, I think you’ll have better luck submitting a video to their support.

buh dum chee. bazinga! lol.