Cheaters all over the place with crossplay

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I have noticed increasingly people cheating on ranked online games. I enjoy a lot playing HW2 with my friends and when no one cheats matches are purely fun, but i have noticed a couple of times where cheating (by using a trainer or a similar tool) users do not even bother hiding it, which does not makes sense, why would you cheat online? You are not proving you are a good player, leaderbords are really not the best around, and it is just freaking annoying.

Check this screenshot from a match, user Gamertag: <mark>REDACTED</mark> was playing Isabel, and around the 06:34 mark had already destroyed my main base with 2 Alice-130 hero units. Yes, 2. (Notice on the minimap how 2 hero stars can be appreciated almost on the same spot).
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Sometimes cheating is not as evident as you would imagine but this time having 2 of the same hero is just plain stupid, and since i have not seen any of the cheating users i have met being banned i am assuming no one is doing anything to prevent this. This is one of the main risks of enabling cross play with PC.

Thanks <mark>REDACTED</mark> for making matches not fun to play.

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Are you sure that they did not just use the decoy ability that Isabel has it copys units it is one of her first abilities. A way to tell is with a detector unit or scout tower which once in range will turn unit into blue holograph indicating that it is a decoy. Also decoys do no damage at all just redirect your army’s focus on actual threats. And if you wish to verify play a match as her and look, note they will appear blue to you if you play as her. And you could have a friend play as her against you to replicate the event.

P.S. Isabel can use that ability on allies as well.