I was playing infection on backwoods and I saw a guy go between a tree and a building and sat and camp there racking up kills. Thing is NOBODY could get to him. EVERYONE tried to do what he did when they were a survivor but only he could walk between the wall! I knew there was cheating gon on in halo 5 buy I never thought I would see it first hand and so obvious! Smh!

There is already a thread about this. Seems that more people start doing it. Just sad

I hate exploits

Welcome to Halo. You must be new. This yoink happens on a daily basis in this game. Has for a long time. Report the offender and move on. At this point it’s all we can do.

Screw that abomination of a map.

Well exploits should be exploited, it shows maps need to be improved

I have sent Brav a Twitter with a pic for this I hope it gets patched soon

report the cheaters… exploiting bugs is full on cheating

That’s not fun :confused: when someone exploits a way to break the game everyone else starts doing it.

blame the map design. If a rabid person charged at you, would you want a safe place to get from their reach?