Cheater or not?

Hi everyone.
Please watch my video i recorded on Xbox Series X.
The last Spartan is completely invincible. nobody can’t kill him…
cheat or bug ?

edit : i can’t put link on this topic… how i can show my video ?

I think xbox allows you to create a share link now from your saved clips. For the mean time, you can share more details about the match. Were you seeing the spots being shot light up? Hit markers? What weapons were you guys using? Distance of enemy to your shots, etc.

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Yes i want put the link of Xbox Share, but i can’t put link on the Topic.

edit : Because i’m new users

Try removing a number or letter at the end of the link (whatever possible) and after it just type in that we need to add removed number or whatever to the end of the link. Or remove the first half or something. There’s ways people shared links I just can’t remember how the worked around it.

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please put xbox dot com front

didnt look like cheating at all to me. looks like you cant hit the broadside of a barn

I’m not the only one to shoot him.
But is very strange.

yes but you guys didnt consistently shoot him to bring down his shields before you die allowing his shields to recharge.

ok i understand that, but… I find he received a lot of bullet without the shield void. But you maybe right.
He extremely lucky… lol

What was his end stats? It’s cheating or very bad server net code. So many shots hitting, then down to one shot, you did spam the trigger on the head but not even the initial first shot killed. Sidekick is 1 tap headshot after shields down. He definitely should have died. Can you see his damage taken stat in your match history in comparison to everyone else ?

Its hard to say cheating for sure if prior to that he died normal each encounter and nothing else was fishy. He took way to much damage to not have died even with nothing but body shots.

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Your shields don’t recharge that fast though. Idk it does look weird. Sometimes I get shots that do no damage in my games though. If everything is normal up to 1 random point it’s usually server issues. You missed some shots…sure…but fr my perspective you did enough for that player to have definitely died.

But you can see he is being pelted. The little lines animation around the spartan that shows your shields are broken happened to the target when he is jumping in front of the tree. And later when target is near the lift the animation shows when his shield is broken - but he already had the little lines animation you have AFTER your shield is broken. I’d say bad lag though.

@Ghaleon_Sama - I’d report it as a bug honestly. Could be lag, could be a cheater I suppose. But seems like the shield breaking animation never happened when target was near the tree and then he was able to take more damage for some reason and should have been dead.

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That was either the most ungodly hit reg failure I’ve ever seen or desync in its prime, but cheating? Maybe, can’t tell from here.

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I noticed this too. He didn’t seem to have overshield either. I think unless we see stats in the carnage report that look suspicious as hell, it was bad server issues.


I looked at the history of the game.
he had 29 kills and 3 deaths… we lost 43 - 50 in assassin. when i watched the history video, there were 3 of us shooting him.
strange thing it was the only one to “slide on the ground” (like Lag)
Server bug or not, but is very suspicious.

edit : not 29kills sorry, 25.

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Watch it from his POV and pay attention to the damage taken stat. Watch how he died those 3 times. Having a high kd isn’t inherently suspicious because sometimes players have great games or are in a match they’re clearly the better player. The other stats matter though. If you’re seeing him take a crap ton of shots, his screen flaring up with the red semi circles showing he’s taking damage and he almost never dies, and then you either by seeing it in game or on halo tracker see some super low damage taken stat (showing he took hardly any damage the entire match despite you seeing his POV getting tons of damage taken) or a super high damage taken stat where he is taking all the damage, not dying and never really even trying to play his life, play from cover etc. Thats when there’s signs of suspicious stats.

I’d share that clip in a submitted ticket to the support section though. They’ll investigate it and it could be a bug or server integrity issues.


I think you are right. surely it must be a server bug/Lag or something.
but it’s still very frustrating not being able to kill someone, even at 3 on him :sweat_smile:.

Paste the link in your post then highlight it and use the < / > symbol at the top to link.

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I know :sweat_smile:
But because my account is new, I can’t share a link.