CHEAT: Skip more than half of Lockdown

Ok, first off I will say that this is an extremely easy way to beat the campaign mission, especially on Legendary, (This is not how I finished it on Legendary, I only just figured this out).

When you first fly out of the Infinity in the pelican, Cortana will tell you to go to the two towers, then once you have done that you have to go to another tower to try and stop the Didact. Basically what this cheat allows you to do is skip the two towers.

Ignore Cortana and go to the 3rd tower and fly in to where it should open up. The platform will not have opened but the door will still open, even though you haven’t been to the other tower, go inside.

Congratulations, you have successfully skipped a huge portion of the level.

Edit: Just reposting something so everyone can see it on the front page.

If I had the tools to make a Youtube video I would buuuut I don’t. If anyone else wants to make a video on how to do this then go right ahead, just please mention that I am the one who figured this out (I don’t know of anyone else finding this before me, I figured this out on my own).

if this is real…your my new favorite person.

thanks i will try this out later today it should help me greatly on legendary

> if this is real…your my new favorite person.

It is, just finished the mission on normal in the fastest time anyone has ever done it. My only regret is not finding this before I completed the campaign on legendary lol.

Wow I wish I’d heard of this earlier. I spent a long time grinding through that mission on my Legendary solo run. Seems like a big thing for them to miss, to be honest.

quick shoooosh dont let them patch it before i get that done on legendary lol

I didn’t think this mission was that bad really.

The end of the last mission though…fudge my life.

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Well, SSLASO just got a little easier.

Wonder if Tyrant knows this?
After all it’s usefull for those mythic runs.

Well this just made my week off from school a bit better…

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> lockdown?

its a campaign mission

Not really a “cheat”, but off to do this before it gets patched.

I think he means “Shutdown”.

> Not really a “cheat”, but off to do this before it gets patched.

Doubt 343 will do anything about this. I can’t recall a single campaign glitch or exploit in any Halo game that has been patched.

damng, where’s the third tower again?

> damng, where’s the third tower again?

Pretty sure it’s right behind the Didacts ship, I think.