Chat Logs In Infinite

I don’t know if its a uniquely a console issue or also on pc. But whenever you receive new messages in-game from a teammate you’re not able to see the message right away. You’d have to scroll down in the chat log to see the latest message if you received tons of other ones beforehand. I’d like to see that fixed.


I would also like to see this fixed, but honestly I highly doubt it’s even high enough on 343i’s bug fixing priority. It’s been a issue that I’ve noticed since Halo Infinite Flight 1, all the way back in like July 2021.

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Its not that big of a deal to me, i dont really communicate much but it would be nice to have that fixed. If its low on the list of fixes thats totally understandable, because there are a bunch of glaring issues they gotta address.

FYI, this fix is coming in next weeks drop pod update.