Character textures and materials need detail

I’m pretty pumped for Halo Infinite, but while replaying Reach on Legendary for achievements i noticed something in particular, it could have been discussed, but i was wondering if this could adapted: Add detail and dirt on armor and clothing in Halo Infinite.

If you compare basic armor, you can see there’s a complete lack of detail and makes the chief’s armor looks like a toy:

Even basic fatigues look bland:


Sort of agree… At the same time these images really don’t do the game justice. If you watch last year’s trailer in high def you can see much more details that make the models look far from flat. For instance, you can’t tell there is some pretty detailed texturing going on for the vest of the Pilot. Also, the brightness in that last image is way too high which does make it look bland.

I’m sure the textures will receive a layer of wear and tear, dust, marks etc. But it’s not as bland as those pictures make it out to be.

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I think the Infinite trailer armour is clean because the armour is literally brand-new out of the box or he went through a nice MJOLNIR-wash before taking a nap in space.

I’ve always said many times on these forums that Reach did such a great job of making the armor look battle worn, and that’s what I always hated about H5’s armor. Hope they do this in Infinite.

I liked the texturing from Halo 4 being the peak in my opinion. They sacraficed it due to limitations at time with the Xbox One and the insistence of running on 60 fps in Halo 5. Discovery Hope kind of had a blend of good details with textured materials like the pilot’s clothes but other graphic features like the smoke animations and stuff were pretty nice. I was a little bummed about the overall texturing but I’m open to compromise.

Halo has suffered from visual overdesign for so long that I’m happy that I can actually make out details of environments and armours from a couple meters away. Halo 5’s character models from a distance just looked like a big clump of colour and the Forerunner designs were so contrived that playing it for longer than a couple hours gives me major eye strain. Less is more IMO