Character Ideas

Not haveing Master chief’s spartan friends take of their helmets(no taking of of the helmets!) (Fred, Kelly,Niomi) in the cut scenes or in the game. Would it be nice to have the same mystery surrounding their faces as the same as master chief? I also mentioned this because if they were Co-op characters( maybe not for the first or second mission) it would add to the immersionable experience that will be halo 4. (but for Co-op they should for example if you are in the campaign lobby and they should let the other 3 pick their Co-op character for the mission in campaign. For example again you are the party leader and you automatically have Master chief so then your friends will be able to chose who they want to play as. But I am totally fine with the way halo 3 divied up the characters).

So do you agree/disagree

I would like to see Spartans pop there helmets off ow nd then ala the last season of RvB