Chapeshi's Castle

Hey people,

Been working on this obstacle course/horse-type map a lot over the years and thought I would put it out there since it’s just gathering dust and I’m pretty proud of it.

If you’ve ever watched Takeshi’s Castle, it’s loosely based on that - a series of rooms with a variety of obstacles, some of which become easier with help from your competitors, but they can all be done solo. At the end there is a skull to pick up for an instant win. It’s a free for all game but it’s often in your interests to help other people and work in pairs, there’s a lot of crouch jumping, explosions and flying fusion coils, and it’s really fun with a lot of people. I have managed to beat it solo in around 8 minutes but obviously I have practiced a lot.

Here’s a link to a gameplay video, sorry about the quality but you get an idea - click here

Here’s a link to the gametype and map

A few tips if you’re going to try it out -

  • Switch to Hold to Crouch!
  • You can use the Sword to extend your jumps by lunging at another player using RT
  • You can also jump off other player’s heads to get a little extra distance
  • You can make the jump in the second room without the aid of the crate
  • The most obvious route isn’t always the easiest - shortcuts are encouraged, watch what other players do

Hope you guys enjoy it, let me know if you have any feedback or criticism, peace