ChaosWolves clan is recruiting players

We are kind of a small clan, only six strong, we are looking for one more sniper and three or four blitzers (aka) run and gunners, Unless you are a sniper no camping, our tactics are a constantly moving type of strategy, snipers follow behind the blitzers as long as they can see but stay back, the blitzers run in and wreck havoc on whatever is in front of them while the snipers cover their backs and sides, if you want to join our clan get a hold of me ChaosWolf Fury, either message me here or on my xbox live, Requirements for joining is change your name with ChaosWolf in it but you can only have a four letter word or a five letter word and thats all

Member names, Clan position and type of player
ChaosWolf Fury: Leader (Blitzer)
ChaosWolfLegend: Beta (Sniper)
ChaosWolfSmash: Grunt (Blitzer)
ChaosWolf Hawk: Beta (Sniper)
ChaosWolf Rage:Beta (Sniper)
ChaosWolf Kiko: Grunt (Blitzer)