Chaos Gaming Community still Recruiting!

Hey, SpecTNinja117 here and I am a proud Sergeant of the clan Chaos Gaming, Shockwave Branch. What we are is a an amazing, fun, competitive, and respectful community that puts “The Chaos in Fun”. We like to maintain a healthy, respectful environment by enforcing some logic and simple rules.


*Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated

*None of the following is allowed: Trash talk, Racism, Sexism, Threats and Aggressive behavior, No Disrespect, Discrimination or Harassment, NO Religious, Political, or Other Debates.

*No Cheating, Modding, Hacking, We are perfectly fine with mods like: Action replay and Modded Controllers, Any mod that won’t affect matchmaking or represent the community in a negative way is fine.

*No Multi-clanning [We only allow you to be in one Gaming Community at a time]

*Use the chain of command, most questions and problems can be answered by a rank or two higher than you. Don’t jump to Majors/Generals unless necessary.

*The Chaos name needs to be approved in ALL situations. [Clan tags, Gamertags, Websites, Fan pages, YouTube, etc].

*Optional Gamertag: Chaos Gamertags or Gamertag_Chaos (Space before Chaos and Only the C Capitalized, with no Numbers within the word Chaos. if you don’t like it don’t get a Chaos Tag! its OPTIONAL!).

*NO TEABAGGING! (We take this super serious and we don’t give warning if done.)

We also have the following ranks to show the distribution of responsibility:

[CG1] - Recruit
[CG2] - Private
[CG3] - Corporal
[CG4] - Sergeant Requirement must be able to give recruitment speech
[CG5] - Master Sergeant
[CG6] - Lieutenant Requirement must have read and understand Leadership Guide
[CG7] - Commander
[CG8] - Major
[CG9] - General

We do have Game Nights every night starting at 8 pm EST. We could also have Meetings or Team Practices that could takeover Game Nights. We sometimes have Inter-branch to interact with our other branches or Game Day that start at 3 pm EST.

When you do join our Clan: Chaos Gaming, you will have to have your uniform put
on when attending any of these events.

Your uniform and required changes will be made when you are recruited.

If you do have any question or what not, please check our website at:

If you would like to join, contact me on Xbox live by MSGing me at my Gamertag:


Join the fight together Soldier!

Hello I would like to join your halo Chaos clan :blush: