Changing your BR cross-hair/aimer would be cool!

I usually wish my BR for H2A had a dot in the middle rather than open circle. I am hoping for the ability to choose your own BR aimer. What are your thoughts?

Old school FPSs(Quake 3, etc) used to have a single crosshair for all the guns and you could change that from the default. But I feel like doing it in Halo would be rather strange.

That would be hard since Halo is an arena shooter in which you pickup weapons like the BR.

Would be cool but could end up unbalanced

Iv always thought this would be a cool feature. Halo needs endless waves of things like this and not AA’s and random weapon features.

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> Would be cool but could end up unbalanced

I cant see how its just an asthetic feature.

as long as it was just an aesthetic i think i would be fine with it