Changing weekly ultimate reward

I e seen enough people here say it and I’ve seen enough support on Reddit and Twitter. People all agree that a weekly ultimate reward of 150- 250 credits is a much bigger and worthy bounty then the same damn cosmetic stretched across the month or two.

Its a decent little reward that won’t break their precious cash cow economy. Every game as a way to EARN even if it’s bloody slow, who cares; you can earn it. Myself and others would be more inclined to even consider spending money in the store.

What do you think? Would a weekly reward of credits keep you in the game? Do you think it would bring back players who feel the store is too harsh?

If not what middle ground could be achieved here do you think?


I’d rather have cash stuffed in an envelope but yes, credits would be a good second choice :wink:

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I can second that, cash would be nice lol

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