Changing time zone to get around xp cap

Does it work and is it allowed?

It used to work, they patched it. It doesn’t work so it doesn’t matter if you try :stuck_out_tongue:

It resets for everyone at the same time and is based around the HST time zone. Whether you’re in the US, Australia or Belgium, your XP cap will reset at the same moment as everyone else.

Is there any current workaround that isent something that they ban?

There is no work around as of yet, to my knowledge. I browse these forums often (don’t really post though) and have only seen questions being asked.

It seems the cap resets at the same time the challenges are updated, nightly.

343 learned one thing from Bungie and apparently it was how people abused the credit cap resets. Lol.

I yoke, I yoke.

What time does it reset for us EST people? midnight?

Na, for us Easterners (I live in Miami) challenges reset at 5 AM.

If the credit cap isn’t reset exactly at thr same time, I’d say 4 - 6 AM for us. But definitely around that time.