Changing Skybox Causes Infininte Loading

Whenever I go on to glacier and change the skybox to Night time I get stuck in an Infinite loop of the loading screen and Generating light. I don’t know what causes this issue as my friend and I both have Digital copies of halo 5. Yet he does not encounter this issue even when we play in the same forge game. I’ll be stuck loading and his will load in a few seconds. I got it to load twice, Once I waited 30 minutes, and the other time is just worked… but never again.

Dude same. I still can’t get my new map to load and I am trying to make a variant that’s at night and all I get is this damn loop. Someone posted on a Reddit form that is could be the amount of objects on the map but the majority of people cant get a completely empty map to work. That was 171 days ago and that person who tried to sound smart said 343 is good at making big fixes and everything meanwhile they can’t get the MCC to function on its own to this day.