Changing only BTB radar is like a slap to the face

I don’t know where the 343 team is sourcing their info from, but I haven’t seen one person complain that radar ONLY needs to be fixed in BTB. I have seen and heard tons of people complain that it’s too small in all modes, but honestly it’s less of a problem in BTB. The real problem is the little maps with tight corners, where radar is the only thing that balances players who don’t have fancy headsets and quiet houses, so they can’t hear footsteps coming up behind them. Radar also makes sneaking up on people actually require strategy and skill, rather than just getting lucky and happening to see a person who’s looking the other way.

@343 please just set the radar to the full 25m in ALL game modes!


I’d even be fine if the BTB radar is 25m and the Arena radar was only upped to 22m. Having the radar being 18m (feeling like its only around 10m at most) and the TTK being shorter honestly just promotes camping for what I find.

This is a good example why I’ve always said Halo was different from Cod because the radar prevented people being able to just run and gun constantly like in Cod (TTK was also a factor but not the sole factor). One of my biggest criticisms with Halo 5 was with the radar being small (also 18m) along with the advanced movement. It almost made it worse as running and gunning (or spartan charging lol) was almost the go to strategy in that game, or camping for the players who felt they couldn’t move around without getting killed.

Now the run and gun play style can be fun and make you feel like a bad*** don’t get me wrong, but it’s way more rewarding to (at least to me) when you have to work harder to be able to do that instead of essentially just being handed kills because people can’t see you coming half the time. There’s also an argument to be made about just having more situational awareness, which is true to a degree as players shouldn’t solely rely on the radar in the first place, but it pretty much just boils back to having less range on the radar or none at all makes the game feel more sweaty and not as good for social play, especially if you’re someone who’s new to Halo.

With the radar being as small as it is, using the radar as a tool becomes less useful for players and it promotes the run and gun/camping kind of playstyle like in Cod (not as bad as Cod just using it as an example) and it starts to affect the social aspect of the game to a degree as the radar has always been an aspect of Halo’s social gameplay.

As for ranked having no radar, that 100% is the right call to make for the more competitive aspect of the game but that’s the big difference, it’s ranked. If people want little to no radar they should probably be playing the more competitive playlists anyways.

I want them to address the more serious issues in the game first like desync, content, progression, the store, etc., but I seriously hope 343 really does reconsider changing it in Arena as this game as it is stands right now does not feel like a social experience compared to the other games. Changing the radar range at least to 22m wouldn’t completely fix that issue as we still need things like forge, campaign co-op, infection, etc. to make the game truly more social, but it definitely would help with making the game feel more social and open to players.


I don’t consider the BTB change a slap to the face. If anything, I was overjoyed when I heard about the BTB radar just because of 343 actually doing it and opening up the possibility that it may extend to Arena later down the line depending on continued feedback now that we have this opportunity to play it with the new range.

That said though, while I’m happy BTB is getting it because its most certainly the game mode that needs it the most, I would like them to consider adding the change to Arena as well depending on the feedback. Cause, quite frankly, even in the smaller Arena it feels useless. Play FFA, in a game where everyone is an enemy, and so much as glancing at your radar is a second of inattentiveness that’ll more than likely get you killed than it will be to actually help you.

One particular instance that keeps happening to me over and over again that makes the radar feel so useless is on Recharge when you’re up at that one BR/Commando Spawn up at the Attic, where you engage enemies that like to congregate at Control or keep overwatch with what tactical weapons that spawn. A lot of the time when I’m up there, I end up getting killed by someone jumping up on the other end of Attic, where they can clamber up from the Long Hall. The radar range is short enough where it won’t detect them at all because that end of Attic is outside its range and you’ll pretty much get killed the greater percentage of the time.

Considering the movement options that people have such as running, sliding/jumping, grappleshot, and so on that they didn’t have in previous games on top of decreasing the range of the radar, it feels pretty useless. I hardly look at it anymore and even if I don’t its clear to me that Halo needs it - just as it always had. Say what you want about people getting ‘coddled’ by the motion sensor, but Halo is a game that requires it. Its not like Rainbow Six or Tarkov or Insurgency or some of the other tactical gameplay where the slower, careful gameplay does not require it - its like CoD or Battlefield or even Counter-Strike in that instance: you need it to help make sense and guide you through the chaos.

While BTB is where I pretty much spend the most of my game time and I can at least be satisfied with the radar increase being only for it, I would really like it to be in Arena as well. Or at least give it a trial run during an Event and see what feedback people will give and then decide.


I think the issue is more that only BTB gets this change, not the other modes…why Radar is being tweaked per mode however that im struggling to fathom.


Yeah that’s pretty much what I am saying too; I don’t understand why they’re not just changing it globally. It needs the change everywhere, so why only up it in BTB?

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It took 343i a while to roll out ODST bots to all the modes. Improving the radar only for BTB could be a testing phase. The bigger issue is that I’ll have to get used to checking the range of the radar so I don’t assume it’s better than it really is.

I really need to remember to check the custom game options. Having the radar detect sprint but not regular movement is an option that’s built into the game. Previous games have had radar range options built-in but I don’t know what Infinite already has for that specific option.