Changing loadout after blackscreening?

Has anyone else had the game change your loadout from whatever one you were on to your first loadout after dying and, after the black loading screen from host migration?

This does happen on occasion to me too. Just make sure your first loadout is a jack of all trades kind of loudout. Something you can use in any match game. You should revert to your chosen one after you die.

Really? never happened to me, although sometimes it doesn’t let me choose my loadout before a game.

Yeah. But it really isn’t anything that needs to get prepared for. It’s a one life problem every so often.

A couple weeks ago I appeared to have lagged into a completely different game.

It was BTB and the game was maybe 200-180. I Had my Promethean loadout and had just earned my first Ordinance. It included a Sniper Rifler and of course I was pumped.

Black Screen.

I came back, same loadout, different Ordinance featuring a Needler, and the score was 540-310.


me and my buddy were playing split screen the other day then black screen then even after deaths we couldn’t change loadouts, happened for two matchs then we did some theater then went to play again and bam still can’t choose load outs we reset the system and it worked fine afterwards weird.