Changing gamertag unlinks your service record

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this. If you change your xbl gamertag it unlinks your service record. It’d be nice if the new gamertag could point back to the old one for keeping correct stats.

OP’s Old Stats (for convenience I guess)

You probably should’ve posted this in the Support section, but this thread can easily be moved by a mod if you report it for being in the wrong section.

Edit: I did some poking around. That link leads to a service record that shows you last played in 2012, but your Xbox profile says you last played in 2013.
I’ve never seen anyone’s Reach record go all wonky over a gamertag change, this is odd.

But also, you haven’t played the game in a little over 2 years.
I’m not entirely sure why it’s suddenly relevant. Maybe you should try booting up some Reach to see if it fixes itself?

If you change your gamertag, loading up a game and playng for a little bit will sync everything back up with the server again for you, shouldn’t take long. The only exception is that Halo 2 classic stats won’t get updated, as the original Xbox Live servers are no longer operational