Changing Gamertag bug

So I changed my gamertag from Froster1 to iSupersniper and Halo Waypoint does not transfer all my old stats from that gamertag to my account. When I used the waypoint iphone app it displays my BPR, Spartan, and cR total but when I click on service record it says no stats can be found.

Same issue with my HA10 stats, H3 stats, and H2 stats. It isn’t a major issue but I’d like my profile to display all my Career stats and I’d like to know that I’ve been with you guys since Halo 2 Xbox.

If anyone else has this issue is there a fix or is it just permanent and I won’t see my stats linked on my account again?

IIRC it’s a common problem; the servers all still need to “catch up” with the change. Sometimes, playing some matches online will help speed the process up.

Thank you for the quick response, I’ll give it some time I changed it like 2 weeks ago. I’ll try playing games to see if it will help. I’ll post back here in a couple weeks with results.

So it’s been 3 months and nothing has been transferred over. I signed onto and they transferred all my stats from Halo 2 - Reach and they don’t even support Halo anymore…

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Odd. Hopefully, someone on the web team can help you with this. :\

Well it looks like no one wants to help me out.