Changing Combat Tag

Hello forums,

I just got Halo: Forge and cannot figure out how to change my tag. I have checked in the Forge game and on Halo Waypoint. Any suggestions?


All customization needs to be done inside Halo 5 itself or here on Waypoint. I believe changing your Spartan Service tag is only doable in-game. Any changes you make will transfer over to Halo 5 Forge on PC though

Alright thanks. I don’t own Halo 5, so that’s a bummer :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a way to change the in-game emblem or weapon skins on Waypoint? I can see the emblems I have and I’m able to change my armor, but I cannot find the other customization items.

No it’s just armor and colors I’m afraid. I’m not sure if they’ll expand on that at any point but you never know.

I hope so! Thanks for your help!!!

They desperately need to add customization in game, Waypoint is very unnecessarily tedious to use.

Fofo I agree!

Seconding. The customisation features should be available in Halo 5: Forge, otherwise there it little use of letting anybody customise anything about themselves.

Well customization is tied to the REQ system - you need to play Arena / Warzone to get points and buy packs. Those aspects aren’t coming to PC, so it doesn’t make much sense too allow full customisation. Forge itself is meant to give PC users a more comfortable environment for building maps, prefabs, game types, etc. The addition of customs is for testing purposes, doesn’t really matter how you look when forging :slight_smile:

But I want to look good while playing those custom games :stuck_out_tongue: