If you no longer play halo 5 or if your thinking of quitting what changes to the game would bring you back, or keep you playing?

For me the changes that would bring me back are:

  1. Open the Oceania servers during low traffic periods: Outside of peak hours it is almost impossible to find a game in NZ/Aus, it is frustrating not being able to play the game when you want due to the lack of players, even in peak times certain playlists can have very long search times and/or fail due to lack of players.

  2. Improve pre/post game lobby’s: It may seem trivial but to me its very important, you should be able to cycle through players ‘emblems’ in the lobby, they should bring up the players name and spartan as you cycle over them, you should also be able to select them and mute/ view service record/ view gamercard/ invite ect. The post game lobby should also have top medals, player medals, weapon of choice ect

  3. Add permanent social slayer: (The same as ranked slayer… but just not ranked and also not pared with snipers) Slayer is my favorite gametype, id love to be able to play it without having to vs people as good as me, i may sound like an -Yoink- but its far more enjoyable destroying noobs than being equally matched every game.