Changes to weapon drops

I’m not going to talk about wether or not Random weapon drops and random ordnance drops affect gameplay and balance in any sort or matter. It’s been discussed quite a lot, some people welcome it while others spit on the idea.

I’m curious what those who don’t like it think of these two ideas.

1: Ordnance drops:

Remove all weapons and boosts from the drops and instead give either

a: “Random Type Grenade 1 : Loadout Weapon Ammo Refill : Random Type Grenade 2”

b: “Frag grenade : Plasma grenade : Pulse Grenade”

2: Random weapon spawns.

Keep the system where a random power weapon can spawn at set locations. The change here would be to put a countdown timer to when the weapon will spawn as well as an icon displaying what weapon will spawn. Display this for everyone on the map for both teams as well as those who are respawning, if they don’t insta respawn.

The timer could pop up 30 seconds or so before the weapon will spawn and count down.

An experiment could be to try this out with AA’s and Power Ups as well. Give them random drop points, a countdown timer and what type of item it is.

What do you think?

Eliminates quite a lot of randomness, teams battle it out in different places for map control and the old ways of winning the weapon is used once again.

Flaws in the idea?