I was gathering images for some of the enemies from Halo 4 because I am doing a colored pencil large scale Halo 4 scene. Large Scale in size but only featuring the MC, a Knight and maybe a Crawler or Watcher depending on my direction.

It should be challenging especially since I only have the McFarlane MC, Watcher and Crawler but I think I have found plenty of detailed photos which has brought me to my discovery which I am sure many of you have noticed which I didn’t until I was comparing photos for quality and saw it.

The photo that 343i put out showing the MC’s new armor where he was holding no weapons with the blue background behind him vs the MC that is in the game.

It is much different from one to the other including the following.

Thigh Armor, Upper Arm Armor, Belly Armor and that Chest area has differenced mostly in the details not the shapes. Mostly like where little compartments or screws would be. He even looks skinnier in the earlier version.

Anyway just wanted to share that.