Changes to Existing Playlists is Frustrating

I will admit, I’m quite frustrated when writing this because I just got out of a Team Slayer match that was actually Team BRs, and my fist got me my measly amount of kills compared to my starting weapon. I’m frustrated that 343 is changing playlists and mandating players play modes within those playlists that they don’t want to play.

Team BRs is a Ranked game mode that should not be a mandatory part of the casual Team Slayer playlist. Far and away from the fact that playing on PC borderline mandates you to use an Xbox Controller in order to gain access to aim assist for Percision Weapons in lieu of the Red Reticle that 343 refuses to allow PC players to have, this game mode frustrates the living daylights out of me because the Battle Rifle shifts the game from a more chaotic CQC game mode that is endemic to the regular Auto Slayer-type playlist, into one where cross-map sniping becomes the norm, and I’m just sick of it. I absolutely suck with the Battle Rifle in Halo Infinite and feels like there’s no way to improve my skills with it because everyone else seemingly does more damage, at longer ranges, and with every single shot impacting my head no matter what I do.

When I load up Team Slayer, I want to play Auto Slayer, not Team BRs. We should be allowed to choose which game mode we want to play, just like Halo MCC allows us to do.

This extends far beyond just Team Slayer too - there have been changes to playlists like SWAT where players are forced to play with weapons aside from the Battle Rifle that I’m going to Team SWAT for. I don’t want to play Stalker, Sidekick or Commando SWAT, and loading into a playlist to get the game mode I don’t want to play, feels like someone throwing a stink bomb in my room and then locking the door from the outside.

I wish 343 would come to the community for more feedback on these things, or at least pretend to listen. It feels like so much of our feedback is just screaming into a void that isn’t listening and doesn’t care. It feels like it sucks to be a Halo fan right now, and it sucks even worse to load up into Halo Infinite, and get game modes I don’t want to play and then be punished for not playing them and making the experience worse for the other players in the lobby due to my own shortcomings.

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