Changes to BP system for Season 2

  1. Remove like 50% of the challenge swaps/XP boosts OR 1.5) keep the challenge swaps and 2) add MANY more armors in the free BP
    Armor pieces that we all had access to in previous games should be on an unlocking a releasing track (similar to Halo Reach, but playing to the Game-as-a-service). A series like Halo has had very present customization and the free BP giving MAYBE 1 armor piece every 3-5 levels is ridiculous.

The changes to the Tenrai event shows that 343i is willing to give more content to the players, hopefully that is not just in the completely free events.

The previous news that mentioned them cutting stuff from the BP to then sell in the store HOPEFULLY has shown 343i not to do that again and to not gate so much ARMOR behind pay walls. Stuff like armor effects, weird armor coatings, etc make sense to be paid items, but ARMOR PIECES should be MOSTLY free and unlockable.

Also fix the challenges system so that either there are way more challenges that are individually worth less XP week to week OR let us progress all the challenges throughout the week and make more diverse challenges.

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What i think they should do is remove challenge swaps from BP, and instead, for completing 2 challenges, you get 1 free swap as a small reward. and replace the ones in the BP with armor.

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Yeah, something like that. Obviously with a progression overhaul (which I believe is very much in the works) we will see plenty of changes over the course of the year. I just hope that they keep trending more and more to player-centric, not profit-centric decisions, because right now there are a lot of issues that, were this not Halo, I would be super pissed about.

Its a good thing that the gameplay and gunplay is very very good