Changes that I think could help fine tuning

Hello all. I decided to make this so that I could post the things that I, (and hopefully others) believe could help fine tune things in the Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Please keep in mind that everyone is welcome to post in here as long as it is constructive. If your just going to post something like “the battle pass takes to long” then it will be deleted by myself. I want this post to actually help the dev team for halo to give them ideas on things that can be done to help the game.

  1. The Battle Pass / Battle Pass Progression
    Personally I am a huge fan of the structure of the battle pass. And I will agree that the grind can take a long time. In light of this, here is what I think can be done to change it to make it a little better and faster.

Daily - Weekly - Monthly Challenges
I like the idea of having the challenges, but I think that they should be more of an EXP bonus than anything else. As far as the progression of the battle pass. I think that an EXP system being put in place is the best option. The trick to this however is finding a system that grants enough EXP to make it worth it, while not giving to much to make it to easy. For this, I think that I may have a system that will help…
Completing a game = 50exp
Winning a game = 50exp
Losing a game = 25exp
Per Kill = 15exp
(During Slayer matches = 25exp)
Completing per game objectives (ie CTF, Stronghold, etc) = 35exp
Obtaining badges (ie Double kill, etc) = +2.15% of total EXP score
(Can stack a total of 5 times)

I believe that having a system like this in place would help stream line things in a much smoother way. I also believe that having something like this put in place would also allow you to be able to keep the battle pass tiers at 1000exp per tier, and not have the battle pass fly by too quickly. it would also allow players to feel as though their games mean more than hoping that they are able to complete a challenge and progress.

But then theres the possible issue of “What happens when a player finishes the battle pass?”
I believe that something that could be put into the game would be something like a “Spartan Shop”.
A Special shop that players can access ONLY AFTER the battle pass has been completed. Where their exp can be banked and used as a currency to obtain things like special color pallets, special armor pieces, limited banners, etc. But have the rotation happen every 24hours. This would help to give a since of urgency to players to grind out their matches to “buy” that special piece that they want before it leaves. This shop cannot be paid for using real currency. Only EXP banked AFTER the battle pass.

Weapons that I feel that need to be adjusted - and how
Now before i start this. i am not a developer. Ive tinkered, but nothing that I could claim is a be all end all. With that being said. These are my thoughts on the weapons.

–Assault Rifle - Im a big fan of the AR. I believe that this weapon is sitting a a great place right now. I personally wouldn’t touch this weapon.
Battle Rifle - I like this weapon a lot. Same as above, I would leave this weapon as it is currently.
–Commando - The commando is a killer or a weapon. the only thing I would change here is some form of visual indicator to highlight what weapon im holding. I have gotten confused a few times thinking that im holding the BR when I actually have the Commando. Nothing past that though.
–Sidekick - I like the weapon, but I would change the rate of fire. Currently it fires as fast as the player can pull the trigger. There have been matches where it feels like im going against someone with a rapid fire controller. I would personally add a fire gap of something close to .04sec per fire. This would force the using player to make each shot really count without allowing said player to just steam roll players in the event that they are using a rapid controller. It also forces players to learn other weapons that can work well in tandem with the sidekick to get those kills.
–Bulldog - The bulldog is really good as well. i would up the rate of fire slightly but .02sec while dropping the damage by .04%. Also raise the bass of the weapon by 7% to really give the player a feel of using a beast of a weapon.
–Sniper Rifle - No changes
–Rocket Launcher - No changes
–Hydra - The only thing I would change here it that the weapon looses its lock on when a player moves behind cover. Currently, the lock carries through cover making it easier to track players.
–Pulse Carbine - I would drop damage by 4%. Currently, ive seen this weapon chew through teams on its own. Being a plasma based weapon it should absolutely do more damage to shields then drop off when the shield is down. This would again force players to learn what weapons pair with the pulse carbine to get their kills.
–Needler - No changes
–Plasma Pistol - increase the tracking 1.15% and increasing slowly until max lock on has been reached. at which it stops completely.
–Energy Sword - no changes
–Gravity Hammer - I love the gravity hammer. But i do have issues with it. Currently it feels like the effective range of always shifting around. I do enjoy the small visual effect of the blast. What I would change would be to create an effective, active radius of damage and lock it to the model upon impact. along with the amount of damage. Both of which would completely drop off when the hammers power has been completely used.
–Mangler - Increase rate of fire by 3.13%
–Disruptor - No changes
–Stalker Rifle - No changes
–Ravager - Increase the time that a fully charged shot burns the terrain by 7%. This would give more of a sense of havok and a dire situation when a player has to run through an area of a map is on fire.
–Skewer - No changes (something i would like to see - When a player is shot near a plain, allow the skewer to "staple: them to the wall. But thats just me)
–Shock Rifle - Allow the player to charge their shot, allowing them to trade more ammo for more damage. But making the charge to increase one charge level per 1.18sec.
–Heatwave - No changes
–Sentinel Beam - No changes
–Cindershot - No changes

I love the possibilities and options that players have with their character. I only have a few things that I would change.

  1. I have paid for two of the team armor sets through the store (amongst other things) and while I am in love with them. I with that i could customize my spartan while allowing the application of the cloud nine or the space station color pallets and other parts. As it currently sits. Once you purchase one of these spartan sets, your locked to only use what is there. You cannot even change the emblem. I would even accept the color pallets and the emblems locked together. But Im not a fan of locking all of them together with no other options. Same with the armor set that is currently in the market. You currently are not able to buy the set of armor and have the pieces, color, visor and other parts added to your overall armory. You kinda have to deal with it. I would change this by unlocking each piece allowing the player to have a full armory to build the spartan that they want to.

The UI
I really like the small changes to the UI. The only change that I would like to see here, would be the fire team banner and icons moved to the bottom of the screen. This would allow players to completely see their team. I would also move and resize a few things but thats more personal tweaks than anything else.

Personal AI Units
I absolutly love the personal AI units. And honestly its probably one of my favorite things hands down. I cant count the amount of times my personal AI has made me laugh at the things she says. That being said. I have notices more than a few times when the game will randomly change my personal AI. But oddly enough, it always change it to butlr. Im not sure if its a bug or a line of the code that loads when a player finishes a match and jumps right back into matchmaking rather than going back to the MODE selection and the Play Button as these are the only times ive noticed it.

Modes and Game Selections
I understand that this is still in beta. But I would like to see the player being able to either choose what game types they want to play (ie Slayer, CTF, TDM, etc) or being able to give the player a list of the games types where they can check and uncheck the types of games they want to play. i think this makes more sense rather than forcing all player to play all games types. I personally dont like CTF games. So currently my only options are to either drop out of games, or to force myself to grind through them. Changing this would also allow players to customize their experience even more while building on the “play the way you want to” theme that halo infinite is known for.

While being lengthy, I hope that I have at least given some form of inspiration and hopefully some decent ideas to build on what is a god send of a game. And while it may look like its a lot of complaints, please know that I absolutely love this game and couldnt thank 343 for the work they do. And for someone that has fond memories and has been a die hard fan since the beginning, this whole thing has been amazing. and I look forward to everything coming in the future.

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progression -

  • I like your idea for the XP/progression system. though for the players whom don’t buy the BP nor want to sink money into the game, i’d say every 25-50 xp give the players at least 1 point of the in game currency. that way it’s another insentive to do the challenges. not just to level up in the pass, but to also ever so slowly yet rewardingly grind for points, either to buy the pass or get something from the shop

weapons -

  • the AR i feel needs a wider spread. in its current state it is unfun to fight against and is a very mid ranged weapon. a wider spread like Reach’s or 3’s AR would be more fun
  • the Commando… honestly i’m fine with it. it’s really just a full auto DMR, and whiles i don’t like redundancy… the fact it takes 7 general headshots to cap a spartan i feel is fair
  • the Sidekick… aside from the fact it looks like a glock, i do agree it NEEDS a fire speed decrease. as for the time being it’s just a spam weapon. the fire speed i feel should be close to halo 3’s magnum, not as slow, but close to that speed. a side arm isn’t meant to be used as a primary after all… just a backup
  • bulldog… aside from the fact it suits CoD more than halo in terms of looks… i don’t mind it. though if it is to be a shotgun, the range of it NEEDS to be decreased. i’ve been shot and killed by this thing in a long-mid range battle, and it ain’t really fun because of it. but that’s all i’d change
  • sniper rifle is all good
  • SPNKR is completely fine
  • the Hydra aside from the no targeting from behind cover… i’d say have it take one less missal to kill a spartan, that’s about it
  • pulse carbine… either decrease the damage or the effective range. i know it’s plasma… but good god does this thing shred
  • Needler lessen the needle’s speeds a little and we’re all good. though please bring back the ‘shink’ sfx the needler once had… kinda makes it feel dead without them
  • plasma pistol… give the ability to EMP vehicles back to the plasma pistol. it’s kinda useless otherwise
  • energy sword… for plasma it really does look blurry, almost pixelated. it looks like cardboard with the lack of transparent bits, also where’s the ‘schhhhh-’ SFX that it once had when activating? kinda makes it feel dead without them, like the needler
  • gravity hammer… lessen the effective range of it, by a lot. not only to ballance it with the grappling hook… but also it’s so annoying running away from it only to be rather quickly double tapped at a far range
  • mangler either a damage buff OR a fire speed increase
  • disruptor… have it EMP vehicles with lesser shots, but do less damage to spartans. so that it could be a mirror to the plasma pistol. have one handle player shields, and the other vehicles. make both useful
  • stalker rifle… i guess it’s fine? i dunno… kinda feels useless, but also i wouldn’t know what to change about it. i gues it’s just underwhelming
  • ravager… decrease the time it takes for it’s burn/fire shot, as in it’s current state. you’l be dead by the time it fully charges
  • skewer… it’s a replacement to the spartan laser and i’m content with it
  • shock rifle… it’s just a combination of the stalker rifle and the disruptor… except it takes less shots to emp a vehicle and it’s a shield shredder… i kinda don’t really see a point to this gun. then again i don’t know that to change…
  • heatwave… this thing is unique and i love it
  • sentinel beam… don’t give it reserve shots to reload. make it back to the beam of old where it would over heat and need to vent. rather than ‘reload’
  • cindershot… again, it’s cool and i like it
  • i would certainly like old weapons return… like they did with halo 5’s weapons. such as the: old shotgun, old magnum, fuel rod, spartan laser, grenade launcher, plasma rifle, beam rifle, and the spiker. they would be anniversary weapons, so not really messing with the sandbox. more so with forge stuff or even Fiesta gamemode


  • give the players back the ability to choose what 2 colors there spartan is. BUT turn the armor coatings into both: armor patterns for said chosen colors, and matterials for said colors, like rusty or glossy
  • give every armor piece the ability to be equiped on any armor core, and instead of making the cores limitations, make them armor presets that the player can freely swap between (akin to TF2)
  • if the latter above can’t be done… then make the armor kits presets, as in their current state, they’re kinda pointless. and i know they’re already presets of past spartans, but allow players to change the presets. like if i have the Kat kit for MKv, i could equip it and do whatever i choose with it and save it. that way, that spartan is my take on Kat. or something like that
  • lessen the amount of visor colors there are. and yeah i know that sounds bad, but here me out. in the BP there’s the same visor color with a slightly different pattern on them that no one will notice. the same color RED copied 3 times with a minor change that no one will notice
  • bring back the old emblem and nameplate customization. having the emblem was a annoying thing and 5 and i still don’t like it here. also i would like to choose what colors i have for said emblem rather than presets
  • the return of split lip customization, please?


  • vehicles like the mongoose and warthog feel WAAAY to tight. like they move exactly where i look, and don’t feel… bouncy. and don’t get me wrong, i like good handling, but it feels too strong here. also bring back the bouncy suspension, the warthog and mongoose don’t feel the same without the fun floaty feeling. it brought that slight bit of chaos to games, and it felt like YOU were driving this rotund vehicle. in Infinite it doesn’t feel like i’m driving it… it feels like the game is doing it for me. doesn’t help the fact that the warthog and mongoose also correct themselves, ruining the immersion for me personally
  • the floating vehicles such as the wraith and ghost… for hovering vehicles, they certainly don’t slide. just like with the hog and goose, they feel too responsive. especially the wraith… i don’t feel like i’m essentially tossing about a heavy tank in which it’s floating… but instead, a regular, non hovering tank
  • on the topic of the wraith… decrease the projectile speed
  • also on the topic of the ghost… if the ghost is going to have a meatier showing me how much boost i have left… why even have it when the boost is soooo long? may as well make it never ending at this point
  • vehicles i’d like to see return: specter, prowler, and especially the long forgotten Falcon. again as anniversary additions


  • just a minor thing, but if i’m in the shop or in the customization menu, i’d like ESC to actually take me back to the menu, rather than pulling up the settings/exit menu
  • also a way to select the gamemode would be fantastic. i cannot tell you how frustrating it is to try and que up for a slayer match… only to get 5+ games of either CTF or some form of gamemode involving capture points
  • challenge swaps… when i use these, i would like to actually choose what challenge to swap with, rather than it being completely random