Changes I'd like to see

This is a WIP list - did I miss anything?


  • Overshields, instead of being white (making it difficult to discern friend vs foe) now match the appropriate team HUD color
  • Controller play still feels like it doesn’t have enough aim assist/bullet magnetism. Honestly could be that the range on the assist generally feels too short. Wish I had something more useful to say here.
  • More playlists, obviously. Take after MCC or Titanfall 2.
  • Player collision returns, obviously.


  • Commando: on console/controller, this weapon feels unusable due to its extreme recoil/bloom. At range, it is almost impossible to stay on target due to the lack of aim assist/red reticle. Honestly, it feels like the Needle Rifle but universally worse. I don’t think it needs recoil or significant bloom.
  • Missing weapons such as the Spartan Laser, as well as one-off weapons such as the Needle Rifle, all make a return. If not in the campaign or playlists, at least for custom games.


  • Armor Kits: purchased kits now unlock all of their components as individually equippable pieces. Earned “kits” are acquired by either acquiring all of their components, or they unlock all of their individual components upon unlock. We can also create (and name) our own custom kits to rapidly swap to a new armor schematic without tracking down every piece of armor.
  • Armor, shaders, etc are no longer locked to armor cores. However, for monetization reasons, I think it is fair to need to own the “original core” of a component in order to unlock any piece associated with that core. But pieces are usable across cores, except in cases where the core literally cannot have that armor piece (Yoroi does not appear to have any shoulder armor yet and it does not look like many shoulders will work on that armor).

Challenge System:

  • Daily and weekly challenges are fine as-is.
  • Jk.
  • All challenges are now attemptable simultaneously, except for challenges that compound on previous challenge requirements.
  • Weekly exclusive unlocks are no longer time-exclusive. That is to say, drop them on the week - lock them behind a challenge - but the challenge and unlock do not expire.

Experience System:

  • In addition to challenges, players get a small amount of XP for games played.
  • 5% of their game score (ie score of 3000 yields 150XP) + 10XP condolence + 50xp for any Mythic medal, +1xp for any other medal, +25xp for victory.
  • Additional, non-battle-pass related progression system in the vein of Halo: Reach that just shows how much you play the game, with its own unlock progression

Custom Games:

  • Can now turn player collisions on or off as desired
  • Optional loadout system, per Reach, so we can give each player a “role” for certain custom games

Customization Unlocks:

  • Already talked about fixing Weekly unlocks
  • Already talked about new Progression unlocks
  • Already talked about better Armor Kit unlocks
  • Now introducing hand-crafted challenge unlocks
    – Take after Vidmaster, Halo 3 unlocks, etc - perform a specially crafted, extremely difficult task, a single time in order to unlock a special component
    – Could be tied to certain achievements

Wellp, it’s S2 so time to update my list.

  • ASSASSINATIONS. I expected them longgg ago. They don’t need a special function, just bring them back. However, I would not object to having the ability to tie certain bonuses to them, such as extra points, increasing the enemy respawn timer, getting a boost afterward, etc that could be customized in the gametype.

  • STILL WAITING ON GUNS. Please tell me this is not the full sandbox.

  • Bro, don’t fix what ain’t broke. Give us back our gameplay.

  • Sounds like armor kits are changing and cross-core is coming. However, also seems like I can’t get S1 pro armor kits to use for their color schemes (LAME), if that change even actually happens. Also pretty annoying that we unlock most of the components of armor kits separately, so the kit unlocking “its pieces” is -Yoink!- pointless. And I suspect, because 343i, that it means that you will only get the left or right shoulder, whichever is on the kit. Which means no left Kukri-Security shoulder from Emile’s kit. 343i, please remove your heads from your collective asshols. Still hoping that kits become customizable presets, down to naming them, so we can create a bunch of fun combos to rapidly switch our cores between.

  • I didn’t comment on Custom Games enough last time, but the options are still severely limited. Why can we not set starting equipment? Why can we not make equipment unlimited?? Bro, unlock the custom game options. This game will only survive if the community does.

  • Fix your damn bugs! Stop “fixing” things that aren’t actively ruining the player experience! Bro, it is not hard to not make things worse.

  • Defaults in online play: get rid of enemy outlines. Add in player/team collision. At LEAST in ranked. Also make the outlines a custom game option, not just a per-player option - yes, allow players to hinder themselves by reducing outlines (as you have already), but allow us to create modes that are more or less hardcore as controlled by the custom game creator. Seriously, give us options.

  • GET. RID. OF. FOMO. Get rid of FOMO. Do it. Get rid of it. Now. Weekly Challenges/unlocks should be permanently earnable. Maybe you can earn one item per week, but you should be able to choose which unlock, or bank unlocks for future weeks if you aren’t interested in current ones. Stop rotating the store. Add stuff in, sure, but don’t take it out. Use sales and bundles to incentivize purchases, sure, but otherwise make everything piecemeal and permanent. Stop making events locked to a season, or come around only once ever. GET RID OF FOMO. WHEN a player plays doesn’t matter - you’re killing your playerbase by forcing them to play at a certain time if they want to unlock everything/specific things, which makes the game more like a job. All that really matters is HOW MUCH a player plays, and that is largely determined by how much content is in the game (and how competitive it is, more on that in a moment). By using FOMO practices you are reducing the amount of content in the game earnable by the average player, thus reducing how much time they’ll play. You’re killing off your playerbase. GET RID OF FOMO.

  • Bro. How are the playlists still so bad? Ranked should not be locked to arena. Bring back multiple ranked playlists. Objective, Slayer, SWAT AT LEAST. Queuing is still godawful. You want good playlist health? Separate the gametypes with high granularity and allow players to queue for ALL gametypes they would like to play, simultaneously. (split it into casual and ranked, fine.) All of your playlists will have the health they deserve to have, ie the number of players that actually want to play those gametypes will play them. You’ll never have playlist health issues, except for the few players who want to play gametypes that literally no one else wants to play… in which case you would have those playlist health issues anyway.

  • More customization: custom assassination LIST (not just one). Custom intro LIST (again, not just one). Increase the customizable options, give us more options within our options, allow us to make our spartans reflect ourselves.

  • Armor coatings: split them up so that we get certain colors, patterns, and materials for each coating; then allow us to apply those individually to each armor piece/section. Let us make our spartans truly ours.


I agree about the outlines. From day 1 that really made Halo Infinite feel like a different game. The bright color shields are a real turn off. Just go back to original way characters looked, and add collision like every game before. This has been one my most hated things about infinite.


I’m also not a fan of the HUD layout. Why change things that are staples of halo. Heck the horrible tv series HUD looks like it should. I’m all for innovation and making something new, but don’t fix whats not broken. Microsoft did they same thing when they went to windows 8, and then had to backtrack the UI when they went to 10.

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No, I need to be able to tell if someone has Os the minute I see them.

For enemies yes but not for allies, that’d be horrible.

༼ づ ಠ_ಠ ༽づ Summon Collision

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Can’t watch youtube on my work computer, but the original post is from November. I haven’t been really dealing with that issue so much now but I also only have been playing casually.

Yes, but it’s not good that you can’t easily distinguish friend from foe. However, I think being able to set the OS color individually for allies vs enemies in our HUD would work.