Changes I would love to see implemented

This is just my personal opinion, feel free to disagree, that’s what a forum is for, after all! Just please, provide reasons for your disagreement(s). Keep in mind, these are just my 2 cents so don’t be a -Yoink-

  1. Nerf SMG. It’s just a little too good compared to the AR in close-mid range combat.
  2. Less muzzle rise, more bloom for all scoped weapons, like the magnum and DMR.
  3. Faster weapon switches: gone are the days where you can take down an opponent’s shield with your assault rifle and finish them off with a quick headshot. Please make weapon switches a little faster and easier.
  4. The magnum feels…off. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t feel like it’s good, even though it’s supposed to be good.
  5. Sticky reticule, this is probably because I’m crap, but I feel like it’s not quite strong enough close up. Normally in Halo 1-4 I could easily headshot someone close up, but now I shoot them in the shoulder or an off by just a little bit.
  6. The sensitivity isn’t the same! I’ve been using 5 sensitivity since Halo 2, but now in Halo 5, I’ve had to go up to 8 to keep up with the faster pace of the game, which brings me to my next point.
  7. Slow down the gameplay a little bit, please. I get that 343’s trying to bring back the old arena shooter feel, but now patience is thrown out the window. Halo 3 got the pace just right, with spartans moving slow enough to make a game plan, but also fast enough not to make the game feel super slow. This is the only time when I feel Halo 5 is just a little too close to COD.
  8. AR should have less muzzle rize when smart scoped, but should have reticule bloom to compensate for that. It shouldn’t be a long range weapon anyway, and this change would probably make it more suited for close range.
  9. Sprint acceleration: it should be taken down a notch. There’s no point in having spartans take time to reach max speed so they can charge if it only takes 2 seconds for them to reach max speed.
  10. Give some counters to the sword. With the faster pace of the game and the addition of sprint, the sword is more powerful than ever. Maybe make it so spartans with the sword can’t sprint as fast? I don’t know.
  11. Shorter fuse on the grenade. It should be more like the original trilogy where the grenade blows up very quickly after impact on a wall or the ground. To make up for the shorter fuse, 343 could add grenade markers or nerf the damage.
  12. THE LIGHTING IN THE CUSTOMIZATION SCREEN. This is the only change I definitely want to see implemented. Right now the lighting is crap in customization. Also, having the spartan nod every time you change colors is cool, but annoying when you have to cycle to the other end of the color spectrum and you just see his head bobbing up and down.
  13. Add some elites! You have the rest of the year to do this, but I would love to see some elites included in the game! They could either be on par with spartans like in halo 2 and 3, or have some trade offs like in halo reach. If 343 goes the reach approach, maybe they could add invasion back in, or only let elites go against elites?
  14. This isn’t really an issue, but I think the BR sight looks super dumb. Maybe go with a square scope like the DMR or make it like the Halo 4 scope?
  15. I’m gonna be positive here. This game is really shaping up to be good! My impressions of it so far puts in under Halo 3, but either on par or slightly worse than Halo 2. I don’t care what some other hardcore Halo fans say, but the changes in this game are a good thing. It still has the classic “Halo Arena shooter” feel, but also has some more modern shooter features so that players new to halo can also have an enjoyable experience. 343, good job, I just hope the plot and music of the final product also live up to everyone’s expectations. Halo is one of the few games out there now that people still a expect a good singleplayer experience out of.