Changes I would have made in MCC and beyond.

I’m not saying the MCC is bad. I’m loving the concept, and I think the game’ll be great. However, I would say that there’s some stuff lacking. These are the changes I would make if I was to remake all of the Halo games:

Halo: CEA
-Adapt parts of Halo: The Flood into cutscenes in order to make the story larger and feel more epic.

Halo 2 Anniversary:
-Add a new Campaign that is the events of Halo: First Strike.

Halo 3:
-Nothing else to change. I would like the projectiles’ gone from the game and replaced by Hitscan for bullet weaponry, but that would be too taxing.

Halo 4:
-Nothing here, except maybe short recaps of the expanded material to make the story more easy to understand for people who haven’t read the novels.

Beyond MCC:

Halo: Reach:
-Easy way to fix the screwing up of the Canon by Bungie: Make the events of the game Noble Six’s dying dream of becoming a hero. Bonus points for a “Reason you suck” speech when the plot twist is revealed.