Changes i believe should be In Halo Anniversary

From what i’ve been hearing from the VidDocs for the New Halo CE is that they are over stressing on keeping the gameplay completely like the original, and even though that is cool. i would at least like 343 to make a few changes to make it far more enjoyable. For i happen to be deployed so i have nothing better to do in my free time than play the halo campaigns and after playing reach for so long and now doing another run through Halo: CE i would like to point out a few things Halo Anniversary should have.

  1. Boost up the AI on the marines in CE and make them like the Troopers from Reach, You know, taking cover, more accuracy , greater health, being able to switch weapons, being able to drive the warthog when i’m done with it. and better driving skills (I swear if i die as much cause i get ran over but a marine driving a ghost as in CE as in the remake, i’m going to freaking flip)
  2. Movement of the chief and vehicles need to fixed. no longer a problem, IGN has started that 343 is working on it
  3. the enemy AI. There way to easy now, after playing reach for so long on legendary and then playing CE, there truely now as intimidating. now i still get swarmed by the flood, but the covvies are no challenge.

Those are the major changes i’d like to see. and it would make the game better for it.
now these changes here are just some stuff i say would make the campaign more enjoyable and not ruin and of the momentum of the campaign i believe. but there not very important. just stuff i’d love to see

  1. the flood. Have them take over bodies and people/covvies like they did in halo 3, that would make the flood feel like more a threat and just make the campaign more exciting. so basicly use the halo 3 flood but spruced up a bit
  2. destructable unsc vehicles. when you added that into halo 2 i really changed how i conducted vehicle combat and added a bit more thinking in how i tackled problems. and then when they decided to change how the vehicles had there own health that didn’t depend on the player’s health, it make me think more and it was fun.
  3. the recoil effects on the aiming HUD. when that was added on reach, it really had me try to plan my shots more to get the most accuracy in my burst, it was a wise decision
  4. Sprint. Give the Chief Sprint. I think it’s about time he got to run free. plus it’d make a few parts more enjoyable and not take away from gameplay, but add to it,
  5. Give the assualt rifle a tad bit more accuracy. yeah it has 60 rounds, but i want an assualt rifle, not and smg.
  6. Add in part of the story from the book The Flood, the best parts of that book was the parts that dealed with the marines. I’d like to hear how what the rest of the humans doing on the ring affected what chief did on the game instead of feeling like i was just moving around some part on the ring for little reason. it would add just that little bit of halo lore to the game, and a nice addition,
  7. most important, a new legendary ending showing how Johnson (even told in the book First strike), or how Pete Stacker and Chips Dubbo survived the halo ring.

These are just the major inprovments that i believed that should be done, just after spending two deployment on thinking of this matter i really think these changes could be done and not affect game play and not ruin the exp to new or old players to the game. I would like to hear from the community on this and if you agree, perhaps it would convince 343 in inproving the game we all love. for the last thing i think we all need is to really play the same game all over again. no matter how pretty or -Yoink!- it looks. Thank you for your time in reading this. i hope to hear form you all

Halo CE on Legendary is much harder than Halo Reach on Legendary. Actually, I thought Reach was the easiest of all the Halo’s.

I won’t lie, i just mag and plas pistoled through most the game. the flood were the hardest part, but after the library, i just coasted. all i know is i beat Halo CE in single player on legendary was faster than reach and i really don’t have much time from all the partols and mortor attacks i have to deal out here. but who knows you could be way better than me on reach and i could be a little better on CE. but it’s how the dice roll. all i know is that the elites on CE are so predictable, and sometimes i’ll still get tricked by the reach elites.

but even if you found one game easier than the other, all i ask is your opinion one what should be changed and what you think shoudn’t all i want is a better experence. i just get so bored with the simplicity of CE nowadays and i just think this would make it a little more fun and enjoyable

I disagreed with just about everything you said… Except adding cutscenes from Halo: The Flood. Even then, I think these cutscenes should be optional, so we can enjoy the original campaign as it was ten years ago, with better graphics.

You know Shade 88 i didn’t think about cutscenes for the extra story, and to have an option to watch them would be nice. with the other thing, everyone is entitled to there opinions and i thank you for your input

> Halo CE on Legendary is much harder than Halo Reach on Legendary. Actually, I thought Reach was the easiest of all the Halo’s.

I guess you haven’t played Halo 3 (:

Da truth, halo 3 was almost as easy as CE, i was surprised how fast i blew through it.

Wait, make the Marines for the Troopers in Reach? The soldiers in Reach are terrible; they have trouble bringing down Grunts, and are destroyed by everything else. They can’t even lower shields effectively. The Marines in CE are much more reliable, because they inflict more damage, and move around when shot, unlike the Troopers who are more than content with staying in one spot while being wasted by plasma.

yeah, you might be right, but i’m really tired of getting ran over by a ghost with a marine behind the wheel. i had to do a part 6 times because of that. I was on a roll than blat. i’m crushed by a marine who couldn’t drive a blasted ghost.

I guess the whole its a exact remake of Halo CE thing that 343 has been talking about from the start must have eluded you. Their not going to change anything the story is perfect just wait till halo 4 if you want a challeging Halo some threads are just incredible nowadays

I’d honestly like to see them REMAKE everything in Halo to get one continuity down.

Pfffft the AI? In no halo has the AI ever helped me, so i couldn’t care less about the AI.

Most of your suggestions seem to go against the idea of keeping the same Halo gameplay. I doubt the ice skating movements will be in the game as in that is not a gameplay idea but an issue with the previously outdated engine and animations.

I think Halo 3’s campaign is more difficult then Halo Reach. I think it is more difficult because I can go through all of the Reach campaign games with very little risk of dying especially if I intend to predominantly use a DMR. During the course of the Halo 3 campaign there are plenty of opportunities to die that can not really be avoided. Sure I have beaten most of Halo 3 campaign missions on legendary without dying before but I can not do it with the same ease as in Reach.

There are probably plenty of reasons why this could be the case. Armor abilities alone for one. I dont use the other armor abilities besides sprint unless it is the jetpack however even sprint allows me to engage/disengage from combat with much greater freedom. Thus resulting in less amount of deaths on my part and decreasing the overall difficulty of said campaign.

Spartan, you right bout the ice being gameplay, I was reading an IGN article and they we’re complaining bout that in the demo they played, saying that it was cause the original game was made with wire controllers and the todays wired controllers have a few millisecond lag that isn’t noticeable in todays games but it’s greatly seen in Halo CE causing the driving on ice and walking on water effect. and 343 hopes to fix that. so i like to strike that problem off my list.