Changes. Hope. Science. Humility

Oh the changes you will go.

100-160+ ping for majority of games today (in middle of US). Apparently, there was a change that fixed it. Not only is it that my rounds don’t register but the shooter’s-rounds-through-walls phenomenon is exacerbated.

Better team and ranked experience is also expected. I haven’t observed much change. Ok, it may take some time for all the systems to update. Hopeful? 50% chance of winning is not accurate? Who knows but I hope it’s more elegant than maintaining population set at a specific win percentage; in other words, based on merits consisting of many factors. I really don’t want to do experiments like I did for H5 but I might have to.

The menus? They fixed a pop-up from popping-up. Menus still take 5+ seconds to load, and when they do, the background image fades to black. Maybe reach out to Elden Ring creators and ask them.

I think it boils down to money (shocking) and humility. Being a physicist I can guarantee that humility, self-criticism, etc., are qualities that are essential in any technical field. At least at the intermediate to expert level.

Physics: Don’t get me started on the physics of halo infinite - gameplay and lore. However, imaging optimization might help. From holography to point-spread function methods; game performance can be improved.