Changes from Halo 5 to Halo 6

In terms of multiplayer, what do you want to see changed/improved from Halo 5 and implemented in Halo 6?

I personally wish to see all the game modes that halo 5 had on launch plus infection, doubles, team snipers, grifball along with a “social arena” gametype where 343 can test out experimental game modes like fiesta, super fiesta, etc; I also want the game to launch with Forge that has AI bots, legitimate BTB maps, and playable elites in social gametypes in warzone In regards to the gameplay. In regards to specific gameplay, I think it would be best if 343i ditched sprint in favor of significantly increased base speed, removed spartan charge or nerfed it significantly and possibly replace clamber with double jump to give more movement options. All the other spartan abilities such as thruster should stay though

What do you guys think?

I know this has been said many times, but split screen is a must for me. A blood gulch remake would be pretty cool too. Battle creek as well for a nice 1v1 or 2v2 map.

In my opinion we need all playlists at launch, more steps needed to initiate spartan charge, possibly a sprint limit, and a very sight nerf on autos. Not in power but range.

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> I know this has been said many times, but split screen is a must for me. A blood gulch remake would be pretty cool too. Battle creek as well for a nice 1v1 or 2v2 map.

Forgot to mention split screen. I think its one of the main reasons this game is completely lacking a casual feel and I’m sure it hurt Halo 5’s sales as well. Adding split screen to Halo 6 is a must.

Actually complete multiplayer suite. With EVERY playlist there at launch both ranked and social and splitscreen. And some good maps and zero re mixes

I want all of the mechanics to return (maybe nerf Spartan charge a bit) plus better maps. Have all of the gamemodes in custom games and some of them as playlists. Split screen of course and a non laggy theater. Also no forged or remixed maps unless made by the community. If all this makes it in, halo 6 will be perfect.

They should just remake Halo 3 and call it Halo 6.

I am certain no one would be upset.

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> They should just remake Halo 3 and call it Halo 6.
> I am certain no one would be upset.

I’m certain most people would be upset.

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> > 2533274895508405;7:
> > They should just remake Halo 3 and call it Halo 6.
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> > I am certain no one would be upset.
> I’m certain most people would be upset.

I don’t consider people under the age of 15 to have legitimate opinions because most 15 yearolds will do anything for pot.

Better looking armor, an actual social playlist along with ranked, splitscreen, all game modes at launch.

The one guarantee for success in halo 6 if they don’t change the gameplay is content, lot’s o content.

Friendly ai that doesn’t suck, more maps, less reqs, a halo first in a campaign expansion.

Step up the quality of the netcode and the dedicated server solution, it was 90% perfect (before region lock was removed, hopefully that is fixed with the matchmaking preferences on Wednesday).
Improvements to the matchmaking algorithm for both connection and skill based search results.
Personally I’d like a slightly slower TTK overall, more in line with the speed that Halo 3 played at on LAN. I really enjoy those deliberate and back and forth engagements.
More social and fun based playlists at launch including social slayer, alongside the staple competitive playlists that we love.
A complete suite of the great features they’ve been adding and people have begun to expect at launch since the swiss army knife of a game which was Reach - they’ve added so much to the game over the last few months, it would be great to see all of that work be put to good use at launch with Halo 6. Basically that means, File share, infection, Firefight, griffball, forge, game types (oddball, assault, etc) - post launch, more maps and req content is fine.
New gametypes we haven’t thought of!
All of the little improvements they’ve made based on feedback, please include these in the new game haha.
Graphics wise: Weapon and Explosion FX need a big overhaul and improvement. In terms of assets and aesthetics, I want more varied environments and less of that copy pasted warzone architecture.
Overall I think we’re in good hands.

#1 must change is take away thrusters so there will no longer be the noobtactic Spartan charge.

Multiplayer, Multiplayer, Multiplayer…

Halo needs more of that classic arcade fun. I don’t care how it’s offered. Two players picking up a controller and slaying thousands of aliens, explosions, effects and bodies flying everywhere, scoring millions and millions of points and spending them to unlock more cosmetics and weapons so they can look more badass doing it. Then, grabbing four or more players online to repeat the process and cranking up the carnage even more, using their own maps and modes made in Forge to prolong the experience throughout the game’s lifespan, and -

…THEN they play PvP.

See, that’s the problem with Halo more than anything. We haven’t moved forward from Halo 3. We still aren’t getting the most out of what Halo 3 implemented and we aren’t getting it to the masses. There’s nothing to lean back on. Multiplayer gets stale, customs get too hard to populate, and the game falls apart from the inside because you forgot the very first thing about making a videogame: accessible fun. Yes, people didn’t complain about this in older Halos, YES, standards have risen, but those older Halos didn’t have a -Yoinking- map creator and armor customization.

Bots, man… Why is the community generating thousands of maps PER DAY just so 3% of them can actually be playtested? Why is Forge only useful if real people come to your map? PvP is great but we’re only getting half of Halo that way. I mean; Halo 6 obviously needs better Multiplayer than Halo 5, but it’s going to need to improve in areas where Halo has always been weak… First off, fix customs (they have very little options and frankly have tons of bugs) then we need to get SOMEONE down at 343 that knows what they’re doing with customs servers so we don’t have to invite 10 people just to play a game.

And it needs a server browser. Both Customs and Multiplayer. When you open the ‘customs’ tab there needs to be a bunch of servers popping up. When you open your map in customs, there needs to be a 90% chance people just start invading your game. Start your very own customs without doing a dang thing. No strings attached.

But I highly doubt Halo 6 is gonna do much better just by trying to be an improvement over Halo 5 in Multiplayer. We saw how this went… going from Halo 4 into Halo 5. If the game’s Singleplayer is tacked on and customs simply aren’t accessible to the masses, Halo’s not getting out of this rut. it’s not going to matter how good the Multiplayer is because that, much like Singleplayer, will eventually get stale. I don’t know how else to put it…

Keep the gameplay change the content.

I like to use spoiler tags too.Less is More. Every time one of these threads is made people basically just say “add even more stuff” and I think the game needs to head in the exact opposite direction. We have way too much stuff and most of it is crap. We don’t need five different rifles all vying for the same -Yoink!- spot in the sandbox. We don’t need hundreds of pointless textural reskins of armor. We don’t need tons of useless or game breaking abilities. The only thing that we need more of is gamemodes, and only because they didn’t return from the past games.

-Server Browser
-Classic Gamemodes
-Classic Gameplay
-A small and focused sandbox where each item fills a unique role.
-A decent amount of player customization that doesn’t require tons of grinding or tons of luck to access.

To be fair i consider H5 as the beta to H6 which hopefully by then they would have the playlists all added in and splitscreen.
Maybe better armors and helmets as well :slight_smile:

Proper customization, less bad power ranger style armours. Faster general movement speed. No Sprint or Spartan Charge or Clamber. The ability to shoot while using Thrusters. Playable Elites for custom games & social playlists. Forge & BTB with nonforge maps at launch.

Return of ODST style firefight. Good Campaign story that makes sence and ties to Halo 4 while ignoring the -Yoink- that Halo 5 was.

No REQ’s or Warzone with RNG elements tied to it. I can accept weapon skins for being RNG if they are done something like Overwatch style system.

  • Offline Forge, Customs and Firefight. - Forging Firefight maps. - Community Made and voted on Action Sack. - Armour that is earned in game, without the random req packs. - More gamemodes. - Remove Spartan Charge. - Slower TTK. - Customs Browser. - In Game File Browser. - In Depth customization with the ability to change the Helmet, Body, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Forearms and legs.Other than that, all we need is an upgraded Halo 5, at least in my opinion.