Changes/additions I want to see in the near future and further future


  1. More ranked playlists:
    2v2 Slayer
    6 Player FFA (possibly with H5 Magnum starts in the much further future)
    4v4 Team Tactical
    4v4 Attrition/Elimination/Breakout/Whatever limited life mode comes out
    1v1 (Traditional slayer {perhaps with no power weapons or no map pickups at all} OR a round based limited life mode)

  2. More social modes:
    Snipers and Shottys
    Grifball (arenas might take longer to make)

  3. Service Records in game showing overall stats, specific gamemode stats, rank stats, etc.

  4. In ranked playlists you should spawn with one grenade rather than two to promote more active scavenging and reduce grenade spam without actually changing anything drastic or completely discouraging it.

  5. Change the Mangler weapon rack spawn timer to the same as the Heatwave/Shock Rifle and only allow one at a time. Any more of a nerf would make the weapon less desirable. It can be allowed to stay as strong as it is, so long as it is in the same weapon class as other powerful weapons like the shotgun and heatwave.

  6. The ranking system may need to be re-evaluated. The current system can at times be way too forgiving, and other times be too punishing. Heres how I would have it setup:
    A win should give you a set chunk of points. A loss should lose you a set chunk of points. Then personal performance can give you a small amount of extra points for playing well, or lose you a small amount of extra points for playing badly. That is it. Winning the game should be the priority for ranking up.

  7. Ranked matchmaking: As an Onyx I should not be matching with anyone below a diamond 4 (unless they are in a fireteam with someone who is) as that is unfair for them and me.

  8. Champ rank should return as a way of distinguishing the top level Onyx players from bottom level Onyx players. It is a true achievement to get into the champ rank and allows the Onyx rank to be slightly easier to get into like it is now as there would still be a desirable rank above it to distinguish a “good” Onyx from a “bad” Onyx.


  1. Pregame lobbies with social features such as “Party Up” and Map Voting/Veto system

  2. Remove the armour core system and allow any armour piece, armour coating, etc. to be used with anything

  3. Firefight. This is a big mode which needs to return to Halo. The House of Reckoning already had a great starting area for it and areas of BTB maps could also be repurposed for Firefight. It is a beloved mode and should return soon.

  4. New Maps. This includes map remakes from other Halo games. My choices would be:
    The Pit, Citadel and Guardian from Halo 3
    Sanctuary from Halo 2
    Plaza, Coliseum and Regret from Halo 5

  5. Some form of XP rank system. This could be a military rank system or the Spartan Rank system from Halo 5. Just something.

  6. A more “Halo-y” style menu. I liked the menu screen from the 2020 demo and would like to see more of a Halo 3 style menu added to the game. The UI we currently have is fine but I think a lot of people would prefer a more stylized and unique looking menu in the aesthetic of Halo 3 or Reach or even Halo 4.

343 have created an amazing base game which captures the feel of older Halos whilst utilising the best components of modern Halos. It just needs a bit more polish and it might become the best Halo of all time.