Change the progression system or this game is DOA (when it SHOULDN’T be!)

I’ll keep this simple. I just want to add my voice to all the others to get 343’s attention. Infinite has so many things going right, including its awesome gameplay, but if the progression system isn’t changed to allow more customization for free, this game will crash and burn and will be the next Battlefront 2 when it has absolutely no reason to. We need a progression system like a combination of 3 and Reach (which rewards skill) and THEN maybe a paywall behind some of the crazier things. Or just let people who buy the campaign get a regular progression system. Idk. Do SOMETHING!

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Players should be awarded XP for their performance per game instead of forcing people to play differently from how they would to complete mundane challenges for progress

The current system is flawed & will only serve to harm long-term retention.

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I guess we’ll see if this is true or not

A new progression system has been on its way since flights. Patience is key.