Change that HUD!

Today I was playing Halo 3 because I was tired of Reach and Armour lock, I relized that while playing your helmets VIZR is outlined or something. That kinda made me feel like I was looking through the helmet.(Except it was always set to Mark VI). So while playing Reach I realized that wasn’t there anymore, it must’ve slipped my mind or something.
I thought “wouldn’t that be cool in Halo 4”. Playing Halo 3 It felt like everything was right there in my face. You know what I’m talking about? Along with that idea I thought I’d be cool if your HUD changed when you changed your helmet’
Ex. In Halo 3 I changed my helmet to ODST, but during a game my HUD still looked like Mark VI VISR and from playing ODST i know thats not what the helmet looked like inside. So in Halo 4 if I change my helmet to ODST during gameplay I’d look like I was playing ODST.)

You know what mean? Your HUD will change depending on your helmet.

Never bothered me.

I actually noticed it during the Halo 3 beta and I was surprised it didnt return for reach

Yea, the HUD in Reach just looks unfinished to me. It’s not necesarily the outlines but the little things, like how the ammo counter overlaps the weapon image and also when you pick up weapons or a grenade the ammo counter is white for a brief moment and then turns blue. The compass also looks weird compared to ODST. Just looks really rushed if you ask me.

100% customizable hud with RGB scale for colors.