Change Rumble Pit to Max of 8 and Minimum of 6.

They really need to change the player count of the Rumble Pit. For one the maps are to small for 10 players really. Second the match making will go A LOT faster with the smaller player count. Third wasn’t Halo 2 rumble pit originally only 6 players? anyways just a thought that I hope some one sees and says hey that would really help matchmaking. Rumble pit is my favorite playlist since all the team games are mostly just quitters now. oh the other team has the lead, time to quit,… SMH…

I agree with you. For me this is the only playlist i cannot get a game in, however i usually get a count of 6 players

I’m sure they’ll change to 8 when the mixed game playlist comes out.

If they had other maps, 10 might be ok. But on 2A only, especially warlord, 10 is pretty terrible.

In my opinion more players equals more fun but warlord is too small, besides that, the only thing I have to say is that the minimum of 6 players would be nice because you have to wait a lot in most cases for the 8th one just to begin.