Change one thing right now

If you could implement one thing into halo infinite multiplayer right now what would it be and why?

For me personally I have 2 things I’d want in the game right now.
First would be no forced Crossplay it just doesn’t make the game fun.
Second would be a proper game mode selection. It’s just stupid I have to hope I get an oddball game or strongholds match to complete challenges.

No hate and keep it on topic. Just interested what the community’s biggest wishes for the game are right now.


I would change one of two things.

Split up the playlists into their individual gamemodes, let players pick and choose either just one or a combination of ones to load into and play.
Change the shop system to where all shop cosmetics are purchasable from the armory at the flat price of 200cr, even event cosmetics.

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Choose the Playlist. I and many others quit games so we can complete our challenges for that Playlist. This quick play only feature causes people to play in 3 VS 4 teams constantly.

Game mode selection 100%. I like the game how it is right now, but one thing that would make it so much better is to be able to play what mode you want to play.

I would make it more difficult for hackers.

Make some requirement before people actually play this game online. I like the idea that you have to play a couple games against bots, but basically anything is better than nothing here. Even some simple requirement like your account needs to be at least 1 week old to play would do wonders.

Anti-cheat is cool and definitely helpful, but longterm it doesn’t matter because they will find ways around it. So what matters is that you can’t just keep making a new account every single time your account gets banned.

I’d change the entire armor system. I don’t give a toss about dedicated playlists right now. I just want to use my own colors, not 3 different variations of gray, and have an actual unlock system instead of barebones customization and a crappy store.