Change Game-Language within the game settings!

First of all great work with the german version of the game! Although it’s not nathan, jen or steve, the german voice actors are really really good!

But since I’m playing constantly with english speaking guys it’s really tough to call out the enemy team during an arena game, simply because there are different german names for each location. Just an example: the Basement on the Rig is called “Keller” and every time i want to call out a guy on that location i mostly say the german name for it following by the correction, but at the time I call out the right spot the situation is already over!
Because of that I’m constantly switching my console language settings from english to german and vice versa (want to play other games in german) and it sucks!

So 343, could you please add an ingame option to switch language since they are already preinstalled on my hdd? This would be so damn helpfull to a lot of non-english gamers!