Change for the Skewer

I’d like to see a change to the skewer. I’d like to be able to Kebab multiple people at once and stick them to a wall. If the skewer can push a vehicle it shouldn’t have any issue pinning a Spartan to a wall. Or multiples if they line up like a “quigley”

Your thoughts or is it a dumb idea.


I think they should bring the variant we can unlock from the Campaign by beating a Covenant mini-boss. The one that actually works like a rocket by exploding on impact to deal extra damage. You barely missed? Well guess what, at least you broke the enemy’s shields.

I agree but they won’t because

  1. Ratings
  • apparently putting a metal stake through someone’s eye and putting a metal stake through someone’s eye and it then going through a wall makes the rating higher
    source: people in this forum ‘trust me bro’.
  1. Money
  • Little Tommy wants to pay 343 10 of daddy’s moneys for a firey, skully effect.
  • little Tommy won’t want it if he can’t annoy XEQoot with it on his screen.
  • 343 have no way of programming a Spartan rag dolling and getting stuck to the wall when the body has been burned away and a giant skull hologram has to flash up to keep little Tommy happy.

So yeah, money for effects that make no sense for the situation comes before effects that do make sense for the situation.