Change Flag Sudden Death Rules [Ranked / HCS]

As someone who just finished watching Sentinels vs Faze Clan’s epic Game Four ending, I am not going to lie I am kind of upset that it ended with the sudden death timer with a player being on the flag after dropping it for 1-2 seconds on their own base to get a kill.

I think Ranked Capture The Flag matches ESPECIALLY OFFICIAL HCS EVENTS, should revert to older Halo CTF rules where a Sudden Death will not end until a winner is determined or the winning team’s flag has returned.

If people / developers argue this might make a game last forever, then a better solution that I think would be acceptable by Ranked and HCS standards would be to make it so the sudden death timer (the circle timer) at least resets every time the flag is picked up.

I feel doing one of these changes would make Official HCS matches more entertaining to finish, but also make Ranked matches end in a way that requires the winning team to close the match out.

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