Change Flag and Skull back to one hit kill

I’ve never had this problem in any of the Halo Games in the MCC, Idk what you’re talking about.

If you really do care about the casual community, why not just change the skill-based matchmaking system instead of giving them crutches or needlessly handicapping better players; reducing the potential skill gap? That should be able to help them way more.

I think 343i’s excuse was nonsense. Nothing about 2 hit kill is more fun. Basically all this is doing is making the game look broken since 1 hit kill with oddball/flag is standard rule.

It definitely needs to be a one hit kill. It is tough enough as a carrier why make the carrier even more defenseless.

No thanks, I’m fine with 2-hit skulls. Flag can be one-hit though

I don’t think anyone else here got it like you did.

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It’s not obvious! I’ll give people that. But that IS the whole point. Thanks btw.

Why you get killed really easily when holding the skull cause you got no where to go

yes and you’re not supposed to be a one hit killing machine, that’s literally why they made it a two hit kill. To emphasize teamwork.
You still melee faster and are doing more melee damage than anyone else. So don’t get cornered by the entire team and you’re good.

I guess that is true🤔

it was said by a Dev in a lengthy post about the change after all the complaints so the part about it being changed for that reason is true

for real, this one shouldn’t even be a debate

I could see leaving it a two hit in hardcore/mlg settings but in friggin social? And especially in btb where the flag guy has to contend with 12 enemies baring down on them

randoms and teamwork don’t exist in the same sentence except to explain how they don’t exist in the same sentence

doesn’t change the fact that it was the reason. Hate it all you want it’s the truth.

Nope I like the change, it works well for me and I still get plenty of kills. Just play more on the defensive.

Or don’t go for objectives at all and repeatedly kill the people crazy enough to try and pick up the oddball

that’s usually how I win the games yes, they don’t dare picking it up and my teammates keep them at bay :slight_smile: like I said, it works out great!

They can’t get with the system and falls behind.

I’m sure that’s exactly what happens

You need to play more Oddball I hear, because that happens very frequently.

one player does nothing while everyone else plays the game?

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