Change Flag and Skull back to one hit kill

Title speaks for itself.


agreed, its dumb that a whole team can run in and punch me all phased together and i cant even get one of them.


Agreed, especially skull


There is a reddit post somewhere out there from 343 stating why they made oddball a 2-hit kill. Basically it boiled down to: a one-hit-kill oddball makes the match more fun for the carrier, but less fun for everyone else.


I think they should change it back to how H2 was, where it’s a 1 hit kill if you’re in the air while punching your opponent but 2 hits otherwise.

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How does this work? You can just shoot the carrier and not get in melee range? It seems like an easy issue to counter while still giving the carrier a chance


Yeah, I don’t get it either. As is the carrier is almost defenseless. That’s not more fun for me trying to kill the carrier. Either they’re going to drop the skull, and it’ll just be a gunfight, or I’ll kill them almost every time. It’s not as intense anymore.


I’m on the fence with this one, especially where the ball is concerned. As much as I want a return to the OHK, I’ve also played enough oddball games in older titles to know first hand that in certain maps the carrier can effective get it and keep it permanently.

Perhaps OHK, but extremely high reset to melee while carrying would be a solid compromise?

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I miss being able to reliably throw/drop the Oddball to fire weapons as well.

At least this would let us quickly defend ourselves at the cost of points,

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I know at least fix it or give us a weapon

The 1-hit Flag and Ball have brought so many clutch finishes over the years. Now, it’s like everyone just drops it until there’s no immediate threat… boring


Or go the Halo 5 route and allow the sidekick to be used while holding them with reduced accuracy of course


You forgot to say please.

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Please can it be one hit


For the flag and skull


I’m all good with neither of these being 1 hit kills but I think some slight adjustments would make all of the mad people a lot happier. Here are 4 potential options, I think we only need 1 of them to be happy.

I think it’s important to set some context. 99% of the time, the objective carrier is going into a melee battle with weak shields but the shooter(s) have full health unless my teammates have already been shooting 'em. Idk about everyone else but I’ve been playing a lot of solo/duo getting teamed up with pretty bad players who I can’t rely on for that level of assist.

  1. Way faster melee cooldown. I should be able to melee twice in the amount of time it takes for a shooter to finish their melee cooldown and shoot or melee me again. I’m frequently getting beat to the 2nd melee or die after the 1st melee because of low health.

  2. Don’t change the melee cooldown at all but getting hit by an objective object should make the enemy move really slow or be paused. The “concussion” should be long enough that the carrier’s 2nd melee is reloaded or has had enough time to make a getaway, or a teammate can save you. This would be almost exactly what it’s like after getting hijacked. Hijackings are always interesting fights and they usually play out differently each time.

  3. Give us a sidearm weapon. I’d love an MK50 Sidekick pistol but that might be a bit too OP. I’d instead be really happy with a plasma pistol. The plasma pistol is harder to get a direct kill with but at least I can put a little bit of damage on the enemy before the melee battle.

  4. Make the melee battles between objective and weapon holders more like the sword clashes. Neither player dies directly from the melee attempts until one of the players messes up and misses or times it wrong. For the weapon holder, trying to fire bullets would be slower than the melee.

Agreed. If you’re carrying it melee is your own way of defending yourself. Make it a one hit kill again.

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yes please. haven’t you ever heard of a force multiplier

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signed - just for characters :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason why objectives are 1 hit kill is because you are unable to fight back against guns.
They also have horrible lunge distance so it’s straight up impossible to fight back a ranging enemy.

How I’ve been winning Oddball matches is just camping in a corner and ninjaing people with the Skull, or beat someone down with 2 hits. In fact, every Oddball match has ended up the same way : just camping and meleeing people.