Change customization please!!!

So I’ve been a halo fan since day one. I’ve loved all the halos, but one has always stood out to me. Halo Reach. Yes there was a lot of issues but I still love the game today. The armor customization was one thing that I absolutely loved. I loved doing daily and weekly challenges to get credits. I loved having to earn so many credits to get so many awesome things. But now it’s req packs with only like 3 options. Yeah it’s classic and simple but in all honesty I feel no attachment to any of it. I hate having to save up req to get req packs. I literally could care less about the armor or helmets. With such little customization it gives me no real reason to play. I would really like to see credits make a come back and more customization options like reach. Yes I know it’s just one set of armor, I just really think Reach did it right and halo 5 has really really really digressed. I know the req packs are a good business model with people paying big money for them, for rngesus which in my opinion is garbage. In order to get the awesome thing so have to pay. Just charge me for dlc instead. I would much rather pay for that than req packs. What are your thoughts?