Change Customization Back to Halo 4.

I can’t stand the lack of options when it comes to this game. Why give people LESS variety to choose from? They claim that this game has more customization than any other game, but to what end? When someone can choose Legs, Forearms, Shoulders, Helmet, Torso, VISR all separately, the total maximum unique combinations increases SIGNIFICANTLY to only having a full body, Helmet, and VISR. It’s not just twice as much because there are twice the categories. Some people have argued that “because the full body just matches together, so it makes sense.” But why? Why does it matter to you that just because to YOU an armor set looks good as a full set? Customizing your spartan isn’t about what others think. It’s about what you want. It’s about making you look the way you want to look, and if you see a pair of shoulders you want to use with a separate pair of forearms, why not? You shouldn’t be going backwards and be limited in the case of customization. It has only moved forward, with the exception of Halo 3: ODST (basically a side project) and Halo 3’s Decal, which was just a bar on the right leg and arm.

Halo: CE: Single primary color Changing.
Halo 2: Spartan and Elite, Primary and Secondary colors, emblems (appear on armor).
Halo 3: Spartan and Elite, Primary and Secondary colors, Decal, emblems (appear on armor). Chest, Individual shoulders, Chest-plate, Helmet.
Halo Reach: Spartan and Elite, Primary and Secondary colors, emblems (Appear on armor). Individual shoulders, Chest-plate, Helmet (secondary addons) Wrist-piece, leg piece, VISR, and armor effects.
Halo 4: Spartan, Primary and Secondary colors, emblems (appear on armor). Individual shoulders, Full Torso, Helmet, Forearms, full leg set, VISR (increased variety)
Halo 5: Spartan, Primary and Secondary colors, (emblems do NOT appear on armor) Full-body sets, Helmet, and VISR.

There may be “more armor” in Halo 5 than ever before, but do not forget how most of those are 3-4 different skin variants of each other, and how some sets even re-use recruit for their legs and forearms. With the limited options, “more” means nothing.

Now, from a technological standpoint, there is no reason they cant easily add the variety in. It may take a little time, but it isn’t actually hard. It’s as simple as taking the armor in whatever 3D editor used, and selecting groups like the arms, the legs, whatever, and separating them into their own groups. After that, it would only be writing in the options into the Menu. Also, say I find a full-body set in a REQ pack, so just keep it that way. by finding the “Recon” armor set, I would get access to all body options except the helmet. simple.

This isn’t a task that could upset anyone. There are people who want greater variety and choice, and those who want to wear a full set can, just like always. The only thing this would do is show that they care not only about e-sports, but to the little things that make Halo what it is. There is no reason to take away variety, especially when this game has a chance to have the greatest variety of any Halo. Bring back more options.