Change armor right now.

Ok, I hated halo 4 armor because of how much it didn’t cover the suit, and I loved reach armor because it did look good and metallic and awesome! But it looks like halo 4 armor takes its place in halo 5 multiplayer as well. I want reach armor back! What do you guys think? (remember this is just my opinion)

Well, it’s just work in progress but I also hope they will make normal armor,(anyway the blue armor that they show in the H5G 1st look, better than the red armor) because lot of the H4 armor was wierd. I dont understand how did they do that while Chief armor was cool and nice.

Have to disagree, but not entirely. Though I did hate a lot of the overall artistic design in Halo 4, have to admit that 343 have pull some serious magic out of their -Yoinks!- on this one. I didn’t particularly like how the red Spartan looked, but I absolutely loved the way the blue Spartan looked, everything about it screamed SPARTAN MIJOLNIR ARMOUR. I cannot express how much I liked it, it looks so much better, like a combination of Halo 3 and Reach.

I also love the textures they used on both models, the lighting the models were under made them look a little chrome like, but under the beautiful dynamic-lighting of the maps in-game, they will look absolutely amazing, almost real. The Halo 4 Spartan’s armour did not interact with the environment at all, there was very little in world interaction. I remember Halo 3 machinimas looking so glorious and real because of the Spartan’s great textures, and the armour’s ability to interact with the world, when you looked into the visor you could see the world the Spartan was looking at in the reflection.

The Halo 5 armour is a lot better than Halo 4’s in my opinion.

The halo 5 armor looked amazing, and the Fredrick armor super amazing

im not excited to see the aviator armor make its return but the blue set looked amazing, a halo 3 rogue looking helmet, and the E.O.D looking chest, and the shoulders are more master chief, if they have Mark 6 or 7 unlockable you could be master chief

hated halo 4’s armor as well. locke’s, fred’s/chief’s armor, and the e3 beta trailer 's armor looked alright, but i do wish they’d look at reach to base their armor off of since it had my favorite armor in the series.

Well, it’s still work in progress, and they stated that the Beta is released ‘that early in development’. They probably needed armor designs for the BETA.

I however liked Halo 4 armor, and while I could go either way, I’d choose H4’s selection first.

But Defender… really…?

Work In Progress :wink:

Its so shiny. shades eyes

I can’t wait to see the other armor though so my hopes are still up.

I 100% agree.

I liked the halo 4 armor but I liked the reach a lot better

I want the helmet from the Beta teaser trailer. I think the Halo 5 armor would look great with a slight gritty texture like in Reach.

on thing that would majorly help the armour: bring back the space diaper. why does their crotch have no protection??? it also leaves half their body exposed

> on thing that would majorly help the armour: bring back the space diaper. why does their crotch have no protection??? it also leaves half their body exposed

It hinders movement. Plus, the undersuit and shielding is enough to deflect a kick.

I don’t really want any of the armour styles we’ve seen so far. Each had their good parts, but overall, it was just:

3:Limited and plasticky (much more so than Halo 4)

Reach: Good gritty aesthetic, but the styling needed some work. People made their Spartans into orbs, they were so bulky.

4: Some really good styles, with some really odd ones too. Add a little bit more coverage (not a diaper), scratch the surface up a bit, and it’s perfect.

Half the Armor in H4 didn’t even look functional. A bunch of the helmets in particular looked like botched attempts at a Transformer head piece. Others were so bizarrely shaped that the only possible explanation would be that Rocky Dennis from Mask or Sloth from The Goonies were wearing them.

I think this is a product of adding a ton of more Armor permutations. The focus shifted from “Perfect ten or fifteen distinct helmets” to “-Yoink- out as many helmets as possible”.

Please no reach armor I like the armor they showed for the beta it looks good.This is one of the changes I like

If they would give a worn look for the H4 armor, it would look fabulous. The shiny and brand new look makes it look a bit boring.
But it was just a trailer with placeholders so I’m hoping that they will do it.

IMO, there’s waaay too much texture put into the H4 and H5 armors to the point where you can’t really tell them apart. Like in Reach, you could clearly see which chest and shoulder pieces were which because they were all one piece. The Spartan 4 armor is like made up of all sorts of circular shapes and other whatnot blended together. I remember a H4 shoulder piece being made of 3 circles, and another that’s 4 circles, and that’s pretty much the only difference.

I really don’t like how much bodysuit is shown. I liked how much of the armor was plating in Halo 1-Reach.

> I really don’t like how much bodysuit is shown. I liked how much of the armor was plating in Halo 1-Reach.

I think it’s the diaper, man. It’s just not the same without it.

OT: I actually feel the Guardians armor is a huge improvement. It’s nothing too ridiculous like FOTUS, or impractical like Soldier, and it seems to be very similar to Mark V armor from Reach (at least the helmet, that is).