Champions Bundle - Armor Permutations glitch

The armor permutations in the pack that I have purchased today are glitching. There are several, The Oceanic/Venator BYNT. There are others as well. When I select these sets I go to play war games/spartan ops these armors do not show up. Instead it shows recruit armor. However all other armors which I have unlocked in the game seem to function fine.

I cleared the system Cache, I have re-downloaded everything again, and checked for errors on my machine. I have a white and chrome Xbox 360 slim with a 250gb HDD.

However I have been getting error codes on the xbox like 800700e8 and 80090304, these have all started showing up in the last week of playing. Seems to be with Live Marketplace. I dunno I just wish to be able to use the items I payed for.

All armors I have unlocked like venator/CIO/ORBITAL AEON all work fine.

At this time the armor is not compatible with Campaign or Spartan Ops. Can you tell us where you’re seeing those errors exactly?