Champions Bundle Armor compatibility problem.

I haven’t quite seen it addressed in such precise manner, so I’ll try to bring the most accurate rendition of the bugs I encountered with the Champions Bundle, named the new armor problems.

-I tried to get some footage of the new armor in custom games to record them. Me and a friend just put on the armors and then I went into Theater mode, recorded each clip (saved it to my console), then, I plugged in my capture card to go record the saved clips. As I tried loading the clips, the camera movements of me going around the Spartans was still there, but the armor wasn’t. Instead of the armors I got full Scout armor. I must note this wasn’t for all the clips, just a select few. One clip with the ODST armor was fine, the next was Scout-ified.

-The armors plain do not work in Spartan Ops, and neither do the armor mods. Instead, we kept the colors, but we’re given a recruit model. When we exited the missions, however, the armor was still there. Same goes with the weapon skins. The Trauma Assault Rifle, or any other skin that came from the bundle was plain gone.

-I encountered a full reset of appearance, load-outs, and emblem. I kept my SR, the unlockables, but all my fine-tuned load-outs were gone, and my armor also reset to standard Recruit, where I had to pretty much re-do the whole suit.

The pack’s great, but these problems just break the hype of it all…

From what I have read, 343i managed to add new armors by creating an extra “map” that adds new files to the old maps. This under the hood “map” communicates with older maps adding in the new armors, so that everyone can play without the game crashing. This “map” only connects to wargames, not SpOps or campaign. This explains why all this new content is absent from other modes because the “map” does not communicate with SpOp maps. I can imagine this system of adding new armors also may go crazy in theater mode, not correctly installing the new armors for the game to recognize.

Ah alright… But do you reckon they’ll patch things any time soon?

We’re also currently looking into the loadout issue. Could you perhaps provide the following so we can better understand the nature of the problem?

•What was your SR when this happened?

•Did equipment you had previously purchased go back to their pre-purchased state?

•Were your Spartan Points refunded?

•What date did this happen?

•How many times did this happen?