Champion Pack

Just a Quick question if this pack might return someday?

I hope so

I would rather they make new variants for different armours, at the moment only Athlon and Protector fans can show there HCS love.

Probably the HCS armor may be available again when Pro League finals start… lol Along with a new Pro League armor.

It’ll come back out but for a limited time offer though. I can already tell that it will come around when HCS Season 2 Finals is at our hands, but I don’t know anything else but that. They usually won’t release the champions req pack until the championship finals is happening. But I’m sure 343 will let us know in about a month from now or sooner.

I remember reading that HCS team skins are in the works so it may come back when those are ready to be released.

I hope they come back, the HCS armor, weapon skins, helmet and emblem are the only reqs I need as of now. I’m thinks they’ll be back as well as new skins. If you read up on the pro league details it mentions something about they’re working on in game esports skins.


Well i just want the HCS Skins, since they look gorgeous!

I hope so, it’s all I’m missing.