was wondering what people would think if we had the Challenges like we did in halo reach and 4 inside Halo 5. We could have different challenges that give us different rewards at each level including weekly ones as well. they would use the mechanics of the game and get people to start trying them out for the rewards

A couple of Ideas for lower level ones. these ones would offer XP

  • Opening move- Help capture the natural center base in Warzone - Slayer- eliminate ___ spartans - backstabber- Assassinate someone in Arena game types - Support group- get ___ assistsmid level once would offer 1-2 bronze and XP, Decent size amounts of XP, or 2-3 bronzes. They would require a little bit more effort then the previous

  • Jack of All Trades- Hijack a mongoose, a warthog, and a ghost in warzone - Earning that paycheck- Get ___ killing sprees in arena game typesHigh level ones would offer 1-3 silvers, large amounts of XP, 1-2 Gold packs, or a mix of all of them. This ones would offer a fair challenge for people to get

  • Thats all she wrote- get a running riot in arena or warzone game types - This is going to hurt- Win a warzone match without using any power weapon, Vehicle, or ability cards - alone at the top- Win a Free For All match with a 6 kill lead - the team that works together- Win a match consisting of people inside your fireteam ( only people in your party)Weekly challenges- this would offer a thing to go for all week. offer XP, mixture of Gold and Silver Packs, and could offer certain items will be given to you(gives you an equal REQ pack if you already have the item)

  • around the globe- win ____ matches in each Arena playlist - make them suffer- kill 3,430 spartans in matchmaking - the fighting dream- complete ___ matches - marathon- Sprint for ___ miles (if they keep track of that) - Co-op challenges- these would be once completely dedicated to doing stuff with other people join you would be a mix of all the different levels together. they would need to have one other person in the fireteam or party for them to count

  • Working together- earn ___ kills collectively between - the team that wins together…- go on a ___ win streak - diverse team- have you team get kills in different ways in a match(assassination, melee, spartan charge, ground pound, headshot, perfect kill, grenade kill) - …stays together- complete ___ matchesNOTE: these were just a couple I can think of with rough numbers for the rewards be. I think it be cool if they were able to add it in later because it gives people something to go for when they are not able to get the commendations or other items. They could even do once that are specific with the game type being shown during the weekend.